Hollyoaks' Ella makes huge family decision after surprise return

Hollyoaks spoilers follow from Thursday's episode on Channel 4 streaming, which doesn't air on E4 until Friday.

Hollyoaks has aired a family dispute for Ella Richardson ahead of the festive period.

Tonight's (December 7) streaming episode saw Cindy Cunningham and Dave Chen-Williams getting ready to spend their first Christmas together. After Dave's son Mason opted to spend Christmas with his mum, Cindy and Dave are relying on Hilton and Ella to have a holiday season to remember.

However, things didn't go according to Cindy's plan when Ella, who just got back from LA, decided to do her own thing and ditched her family altogether this festive season.

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It all started when Norma Crow called at Cindy's, asking to spend Christmas with her granddaughter Ella "as she's officially part of the family now".

Norma's idea resulted in an argument with Cindy, who pushed back to have Ella with her and Dave. Alerted by the heated row downstairs, Ella came into the living room, where Dave urged her to make a decision.

When Norma encouraged her to spend time with her dad Warren Fox, Ella reminded her he still hadn't warmed up to her since finding out she was his biological daughter.

"Warren's been busy," Norma offered to justify her son's behaviour, but Ella was having none of it.

When Cindy tried to get Ella on her side, the teen didn't hesitate to call her out too.

"I appreciate you flying me home for the holidays, but if it's a choice between spending Christmas with a creepy undertaker or a pair of lovesick elves, I think I might do my own thing this year," Ella said before storming off.

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Later on, Mason and Cindy had a conversation and smoothed out their differences, while Norma tried to reason with Warren to have him to invite Ella for Christmas.

Warren's reaction was anything but thrilled, but Norma insisted that she wanted to build a relationship with her granddaughter.

In the final scenes, Warren texted Ella to ask her to do Christmas at his, but the teen was too intent on taking selfies and announcing her return to the village on social media to reply.

What will Ella do for Christmas?

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