Hollyoaks' Nancy Osborne makes phone cameo in Charlie Dean story

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has aired a cameo from Nancy Osborne as Charlie Dean's struggles continue.

Nancy has taken Morgan to Michigan to get specialist treatment for the latter's circulatory problems, and in her absence, Charlie has really been suffering with his mental health. Darren has been doing his best to try and help but it's incredibly difficult for both of them.

In the latest first-look episode, it was GCSE results day and while most of the teens were celebrating, Mason Chen-Williams was deflated that he'd failed at maths. It was even worse for Charlie, who failed all of his exams. He stormed out of the school, causing a scene on live TV (with Good Morning Britain's Katy Rickitt playing herself in a cameo).

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At home, he spoke about his results to Darren and Shing-Lin. But things got worse when Tony Hutchinson came in all smiles with a cake. A tearful Charlie picked up the cake and threw it at the wall.

In the park, Charlie and Felix Westwood had a heart-to-heart about his struggles, but the teen refused the offer of help. Darren confided in Tony about giving some of his own anxiety medication to Charlie, but when he said no, Darren secretly crushed up a tablet to put in Charlie's soup anyway.

Meanwhile, we heard Nancy leave a voicemail on Charlie's phone, stating: "I want you to have a happy life. To be healthy... That's what important, not some silly GCSE results. I am so proud of you Charlie bear... All I care about is you."

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The thing is, Charlie hasn't been able to find his phone, since someone else is in possession of it. But who?

Actress Jessica Fox, who plays Nancy, is currently on maternity leave. There is currently no date for her return.

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