Hollyoaks hints at pregnancy story in post-credits scene

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has teased that Zoe Anderson may be pregnant.

In Monday's first-look episode (May 15), Sam Chen-Williams was determined to put Warren Fox behind bars after discovering damning evidence last week.

Sam tried to convince Zoe that they needed to search the garage, though she reminded him that unless they have a valid reason, they can't just conduct a search.

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Nevertheless, Sam pressed on by by filming himself searching Warren's Wheels and planting drugs on the premises. However, he was forced to hide when Norma and Warren returned unexpectedly.

It didn't take long for Warren to find Sam, and he ended up locking the copper in the boot of his car to teach him a lesson.

Zoe was shown feeling nauseous at the police station, but before she could head home for the night, she got a cryptic call from Warren.

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"I've got something of yours that needs picking up. Get down here and come alone, or me and your boyfriend are going to go on a little trip," Warren cryptically insisted.

Once she showed up, Warren unlocked the car boot so Sam could escape. Warren insisted that this vendetta "ends today", then told Zoe that Sam had tried to plant drugs on the premises.

"Just keep him away from me," Warren demanded, then told Sam: "You're lucky your mummy turned up."

Zoe was irate over Sam's conduct, telling him their relationship is over because she's grown tired of constantly having to bail him out.

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In the post-credits scene, viewers had more light shed on Zoe's nausea from earlier in the episode when she realised she was 12 days late for her period.

Is Zoe pregnant?

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