Hollywood writers look for love on the picket line

STORY: Can love blossom on the picket line?

With daylong protests some Hollywood writers

have joined a dating mixer

Pink ribbons mean interest in women, blue for men

and purple for openness to everyone

“I mean, writers love to multitask so this is perfect for us. We get to go out, picket like we’re supposed to and maybe meet the love of our lives and isn’t every story about love in the end?”

The idea came from 'Family Guy' writer

Jaydi Samuels Kuba

She also happens to run a matchmaking business

“For us, this was just a fun opportunity for writers just to meet each other without the pressures of having to have crazy work hours and because we’re literally unable to work right now, it just seemed like a great time for people to also get to prioritize some self-care in themselves at the same time as trying to accomplish our goals.”

Kuba was inspired by a couple that met

on the picket lines in the '07-'08 writers strike

“Yeah, I didn’t even know. I heard it was maybe like singles day and I was like ‘Ok, cool’. I think it’s cool. I think as we’re out here trying to fight for what’s ours, why not also try to connect as well? So I think it’s nice and fun.”

The mixer later moved to a nearby taqueria