Hollywood's understanding of beauty has changed, says Tom Burke

Tom Burke has reflected on changing beauty standards credit:Bang Showbiz
Tom Burke has reflected on changing beauty standards credit:Bang Showbiz

Tom Burke believes Hollywood's "understanding of beauty" has evolved.

The 42-year-old actor - who stars alongside Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth in 'Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga' - has suggested that the movie industry has become more open-minded about beauty standards in recent years.

He told The Independent: "I think even in America, there’s a very much more diverse understanding of beauty than there was in, say, the 80s or even 90s."

Despite this, Tom still admires actors and actresses who fully commit to their on-screen roles.

He said: "I have enormous admiration for people who are in the gym at four o’clock in the morning and then the cryochamber and egg whites for breakfast. And you know, I’ll do some version of that when it’s required."

Meanwhile, Tom previously insisted that having dyslexia hasn't hindered his career.

The actor claimed that his learning difficulty is "not a big deal" in his professional life.

He told the Guardian newspaper: "In my teens, I’d only read one book and that took me about two years. Suddenly at 17, I became a reader for the first time. It still takes me a few seconds to look at a clock face and work out what the time is. But it’s not a big deal for me.

"I’m starting to wonder if I have a bit of ADHD, frankly, but that’s a complete self-diagnosis. I’m no good at sitting still or staring at screens. It felt very liberating to admit that to myself. I need to get out and move."

Tom has been tipped as a possible candidate to become James Bond one day.

Asked about the possibility of playing 007, Tom replied: "I have some weird, magical, superstition about that, that you’re not supposed to talk about it or something."