Honkai: Star Rail version 2.2 drops 8 May with Robin, Boothill, Harmony Trailblazer, a new weekly boss, and more

The Penacony storyline is nearing its climax with this latest update, so get ready for another rollercoaster of emotions!

Honkai: Star Rail version 2.2 will be released on 8 May and features two new characters in Robin and Boothill, the Harmony version of the Trailblazer, and more! (Photo: HoYoverse)
Honkai: Star Rail version 2.2 will be released on 8 May and features two new characters in Robin and Boothill, the Harmony version of the Trailblazer, and more! (Photo: HoYoverse)

The Astral Express Crew's adventures in Penacony are set to continue when Honkai: Star Rail version 2.2 "Then Wake to Weep" releases on 8 May!

This latest update features two new 5-star characters in Robin and Boothill, a new Path for the Trailblazer, a new area in Penacony, a new weekly boss, and more!

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Honkai: Star Rail version 2.2 features two new 5-star characters in Robin and Boothill as well as the new Harmony version for the Traiblazer. Robin will be taking the stage in the first half of the upcoming version while Boothill will be featured in the second half. Meanwhile, the Harmony Path for the Trailblazer will be unlocked after completing the version 2.2 Trailblaze Mission.

(Photo: HoYoverse)
(Photo: HoYoverse)

Robin wields the Physical element and follows the Path of Harmony, using her innate ability as a Halovian to resonate with the Path of Harmony and her renown singing ability to aid her allies in battle.

When Robin uses her ultimate, she takes the stage and belts out a morale-boosting number and enters a performative state. While in this state, Robin immediately advances the action of all allies, grants them a number of buffs, and inflicts additional damage on enemies when attacked by her allies. And all throughout her ultimate's performative state, Robin will be impervious to all crowd control debuffs so she can continue singing her heart out!

(Photo: HoYoverse)
(Photo: HoYoverse)

Boothill also wields the Physical element but follows the Path of the Hunt as a Galaxy Ranger. Unlike other Hunt characters that prefer not drawing the enemy's aggro, Boothill forces them to a duel with his skill. While in the duel, both Boothill and his target enemy will deal increased damage to each other.

Meanwhile, Boothill's ultimate unleashes a powerful single-target attack that also inflicts its target with a Physical weakness and delays their action.

(Photo: HoYoverse)
(Photo: HoYoverse)

As we've come to expect, every new world in the Trailblazer's journey across the cosmos will grant them a chance to earn new powers in the form of a different Path and element affiliation. And since Penacony is a planet where the Path of Harmony reigns supreme, the Trailblazer will be able to follow the Path of the Harmony while also wielding the Imaginary element.

The Harmony Trailblazer foregoes the use of traditional weapons and instead sports a stylish hat, instead using dance moves in battle. HoYoverse already showed us a sneak peek at how the Harmony Trailblazer performs in combat during the version 2.0 "White Night" trailer, where we can see them dancing alongside Clockie.

While HoYoverse did not reveal any details regarding the Harmony Trailblazer's kit during the version 2.2 preview livestream, we can expect from their Path that they will be focused on supporting their allies with buffs.

Alongside the debuts of Robin and Boothill, version 2.2 will also feature reruns for the 5-star characters Topaz and Fu Xuan. Topaz, alongside her Warp Trotter companion Numby, will be featured alongside Robin in the first half of version 2.2 while Fu Xuan will run alongside Boothill in the second half.

(Photo: HoYoverse)
(Photo: HoYoverse)

With the Penacony storyline nearing its climax with the Trailblaze Mission "The Fool Always Rings Twice", the Trailblazer and Astral Express Crew will be facing their biggest challenge in the planet yet in the form of the "Harmonious Choir" The Great Septimus.

This gigantic mechanical conductor is the game's first enemy to feature two Toughness bars and will be fighting alongside a 'choir' of summons that help it dish out both single-target and area-of-effect attacks. It will also be fought across three phases, with each succeeding phase granting it more powerful attacks as well as the ability to negate any reductions to its Toughness bar.

In order to effectively combat the Great Septimus, players must focus on inflicting Weakness Break on its summons and the boss itself. Doing so will also grant the entire party a shield, allowing them to focus on continuing the offensive.

After completing the version 2.2 Penacony Trailblaze Mission, the Great Septimus can be challenged again in the Echo of War in order to earn advanced ascension materials for Boothill. Do note that Robin's advanced ascension materials will be acquired from the "Starcrusher Swarm King: Skaracabaz" boss and not from the Great Septimus.

Aside from the Great Septimus, a new set of enemies from the 'Sweet Dreams Troupe' are also being introduced in the form of "Tomorrow in Harmonious Chorus", "Present Inebriated in Revelry", and "Past Confined and Caged".

As more of Penacony's mysteries are being uncovered, more new areas in the planet's dreamscapes are also being opened up to players. In version 2.2, we will be able to enter the Dreamflux Reef, the Soulglad Festivity Auditions, and the Penacony Grand Theater.

The Dreamflux Reef is far removed from the shinier dreamscapes of Penacony like Golden Hour, instead appearing more like a backwater town where the dreamscape's interestingly liquid properties become more evident. If dreams and consciousness flow like water, then it must always flow downward, but to where do such depths lead?

On the other hand, the Soulglad Festivity Auditions brings players to the Moment of Scorchsand, the one dreamscape in Penacony where the party never ends. Here, they must earn entry to the Charmony Festival by participating in the auditions and claiming the title of Festive Superstar. Perhaps we'll see the Trailblazer put on a dance number here like they did in the version 2.0 "White Night" trailer?

Finally, the Penacony Grand Theater is the most iconic landmark in the Planet of Festivities and will host the main event of the Charmony Festival. But knowing that the Trailblazer will soon be facing the Great Septimus, maybe they're not going to the Grand Theater to enjoy a show...

And, of course, a new version update means more events! Version 2.2 comes with three new events alongside the return of familiar ones, including the beloved Gift of Odyssey check-in event.

The main event for version 2.2 will be "Clockie: Dreamjoy Memoir", where the Trailblazer will help with repairing the Clockie Studios Theme Park from the damage it endured during the events of the version 2.1 Trailblaze Missions. This event will see players direct and edit a variety of short films to earn rewards, including Stellar Jade and the event-exclusive Light Cone "For Tomorrow's Journey".

"The Legend of the Galactic Baseballer" will be a combat-focused event where the Masked Fool Giovanni from Aetherium Wars returns to sponsor a new game project in Penacony. This time around, the game is themed around the Trailblazer's penchant to use the title 'Galactic Baseballer' and will see players fight through a variety of stages, where they can acquire and level up weapons and accessories to help them in battle.

Meanwhile, the "All About Boothill" event will see players investigate Boothill's recent shenanigans all around the cosmos, including a heist in the Herta Space Station. If you want to know more about Honkai: Star Rail's upcoming space cowboy, then this event is for you.

The Gift of Odyssey check-in event also makes a return after being absent in version 2.1, giving players the chance to score free Star Rail Special Passes over the course of seven days. The Planar Fissure and Garden of Plenty events will also get reruns to help players farm up ascension materials for the new characters being released in version 2.2.

Finally, the intergalactic superstar Robin will be debuting her new album titled "INSIDE" on 9 May! This new album features beloved tracks from the cosmic songstress, including the fan-favourite "If I Can Stope One Heart from Breaking" as well as many new songs.

A creator invitation web event will also be launched on the same day, giving Robin's fans the chance to showcase their own singing abilities to celebrate the release of her new album.

For more details on what's to come in Honkai: Star Rail version 2.2, check out the full preview livestream here.

Honkai: Star Rail is currently in version 2.1, which saw the release of three new characters in Acheron, Aventurine, and Gallagher, reruns for Luocha and Jingliu, and two new areas in Penacony. Not only that, version 2.1 is also Honkai: Star Rail's first-year anniversary patch and as such will give players tons of rewards!

If you're still torn on whether you should pull for Aventurine or Jingliu in the second half's banners, then we can help you decide.

Once version 2.2 drops, then the wait begins for version 2.3 in June, which features two more 5-star characters in Firefly and Jade as well as new endgame content in the Divergent Universe and Apocalyptic Shadow.

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