Houston Firefighters Save Dog From 'Dangerously Hot' Abandoned Car: 'Every Second Counted'

Temperatures soared to a high of 92 degrees in the Texas city on the day of the hot car rescue

<p>Facebook</p> Houston firefighters saved a dog from an abandoned, hot car on May 21


Houston firefighters saved a dog from an abandoned, hot car on May 21

After a dog was left in a scorching hot car, a group of firefighters got the pup to safety!

Houston's Northwest Volunteer Fire Department detailed the rescue in a May 21 Facebook post, which included several photos of the tiny canine — including a shot of the dog looking up at rescuers inside the car through the passenger-side window.

"Heroes in Action!" the post read. "Our incredible firefighters rescued a furry friend from a dangerously hot, abandoned car. With temperatures soaring, every second counted."

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On the day of the rescue, temperatures reached a high of 92 degrees in Houston, according to Weather.com data.

Thanks to the firefighters' "quick thinking and expert skills," the little tan-and-white pooch was "rescued safely and is now in good hands," per the post.

And several of those "good hands" were on display in the fire department's post, which included photos of volunteer firefighters nursing the pup back to health with water and cuddles.

"We're grateful for our local heroes who go above and beyond every day!" the post finished.

Community members seemed to agree, lauding the firefighters with comments like "Great work" and "Thank you to all involved in this rescue!"

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Also, in the comments, the fire department shared more about what happened after the hot car rescue.

The Northwest Volunteer Fire Department responded to someone inquiring about the dog's owner, writing that "authorities were notified" about the incident.

"We cooperated fully to address the situation," the comment read. "Thank you for your concern."

Earlier this month, a similar rescue occurred several states over, but with an unfortunate casualty.

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In Orange County, Florida, four Bernedoodle puppies were found stuck in a hot car at a Disney Springs parking garage on May 4, according to a release from the Orange County Government.

The dogs' owner left the puppies in a locked, unairconditioned car, "assuming the covered parking garage and cracking a window would be okay for the dogs," the release noted.

By the time help arrived, the puppies had been stuck in the hot car for 90 minutes, and though they were all rescued from the vehicle, one of the pups died after the incident. Rescuers adopted the other three.

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One of PEOPLE's must-know tips for a safe, pet-friendly summer is to keep pets out of parked cars.

"Do not leave your dog in the car on a hot or warm day," Dr. Michelle Oakley, Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet star, tells PEOPLE. "It's unreal how deathly hot a closed car can get in the sun and the shade, even with the window cracked."

"On a modestly warm day, around 75 degrees, it takes minutes for a closed car to reach 140 degrees, and even in the shade, that car will reach 100 degrees and over quickly," Oakley says, adding, "That can easily kill your dog in a very short period."

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