How does Fann Wong feel about working with Peter Ho again after more than 20 years?

Stars to reconnect in upcoming Taiwanese production as Wong takes on a challenging new role

Local actress Fann Wong will again work with Taiwanese actor Peter Ho after more than 20 years. (PHOTOS: Instagram/fannaiaiwong, Getty Images)
Local actress Fann Wong will again work with Taiwanese actor Peter Ho after more than 20 years. (PHOTOS: Instagram/fannaiaiwong, Getty Images)

It’s been more than 20 years since local actress Fann Wong worked with Taiwanese actor-director Peter Ho.

Most locals, especially millennials, would remember them as the leads of the 1999 Hong Kong art film "The Truth About Jane and Sam".

Interestingly, the duo also collaborated in the 2000 Hong Kong anthology film "When I Fall in Love… with Both", which also starred local actor James Lye alongside them. Curiously, Ho played a character named Sam in both films.

Reuniting with Peter Ho in 2024

Fast forward to 2024, the duo is set to reunite for the Taiwanese "production Breeze by the Sea" – except, Wong will be acting while Ho will be directing.

On collaborating with Ho again, Wong, 52, told Lianhe Zaobao, “I’ve not worked with or seen Peter Ho in a very long time. He’s now a very good director and has won awards. I really look forward to working with him again.”

When asked about what drew her to this project, Wong revealed that the script was “rather interesting” and the filming duration wasn’t very long either – her portion will take about a month to film in Taipei. She had also not been to Taiwan to work for a while.

The commitment necessitates leaving her son Zed for a month. But, Wong felt that her son “has grown up” and it’ll be a good chance for him to experience some time without his mother around.

Wong's return, co-stars, and the challenging role of an artiste manager

"Breeze by the Sea" has started filming, but Wong's involvement is scheduled for January 2024.

Joining the cast alongside her is fellow Singaporean actress Hong Huifang (of Ajoomma fame) who has started filming her scenes in Kinmen.

However, the two local stars will not share any scenes in this production. Instead, Wong will be acting most with Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin. She plays his manager in the show but can’t reveal more details about her role as it’ll spoil plot details.

She told the Chinese daily that through her observations, Wong shed light on her newfound appreciation for the role of an artiste manager, saying it is actually a difficult job.

Wong explained, “In addition to having a very good understanding of the industry, managers must also have a very high EQ in dealing with people; it has to be higher than the average person. Artistes are different from ordinary people, they have all kinds of different emotions.

“Managers must understand their artistes, know how to communicate with them, and have a very good rapport. I really feel that being an artiste manager is very challenging.”

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