Hugh Jackman talks up a possible 'Wolverine' musical: 'I don't see kick lines'

During the Logan press tour, Hugh Jackman was adamant about hanging up his claws as the feral mutant Wolverine. With the Australian actor making the rounds for his new movie musical, The Greatest Showman, Yahoo Entertainment couldn’t help but ask if he’d be tempted to return to the X-Men universe if Logan had the opportunity to break into song. “No more Wolverine, I can tell you right now,” Jackman replied. That said, he did leave the door slightly ajar provided the score was right. “It would be in the Blues Brothers world. Think chicken wire and people throwing beer bottles and him slicing them in half. I don’t see kick lines!”

Informed of Jackman’s ultra-specific musical preference, The Greatest Showman‘s powerhouse songwriting team Benj Pasek and Justin Paul immediately set about trying to come up with the right lyrics for a Blues Brothersinspired number that Wolverine could croon in between beer bottle-slicing. “We’d have to do some wordplay,” said Paul, who shared an Oscar with Pasek earlier this year for their work on La La Land, as well as a Tony for their Broadway blockbuster, Dear Evan Hansen. “Like ‘morals clause,’ but oh, claws! See what we did there?” Hey, there’s our title: Claws! Look out Hamilton: Wolvie’s coming for ya.

The Greatest Showman is playing in theaters now.

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