Hulu's No One Will Save You is the unmissable sci-fi horror movie of this weekend

 Brynn hides from an alien in her house in No One Will Save You.
Brynn hides from an alien in her house in No One Will Save You.

Halloween is just over a month away, but Hulu's latest movie aims to scare you silly before spooky season officially arrives.

No One Will Save You is one of several new Hulu movies to hit the service in September 2023 but, based on the critical acclaim it's been met with, it appears few new movies will be able to match its terrifying might in the near future.

The sci-fi horror-thriller stars Kaitlyn Dever as Brynn, a woman who is an outcast in her own community for spoiler-filled reasons that we won't get into here. Brynn isn't too bothered about being a social pariah, either – well, until aliens invade her hometown, indoctrinate the local population using their mind control abilities, and force Brynn to fight for her survival and freedom.

Take a look at the official trailer below to see how unsettling No One Will Save You actually looks:

If you're not totally enamored with what's on offer – based on the two-minute teaser above, anyway – maybe No One Will Save You's incredibly positive critical reception will change your mind.

At the time of writing (September 22, the movie's launch date), No One Will Save You holds a perfect 100% critics score on review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes. Admittedly, that's only based on eight reviews – and, of that group, Ready Steady Cut is arguably the most well-known outlet. Even so, it's a rare occurrence to see a sci-fi horror-thriller burst out of the gate and pull in universally positive ratings no matter how few there are on Rotten Tomatoes right now – though we're seeing more positive reviews around the web already.

What do some of the world's more popular entertainment websites think of it? It seems most of their reviewers enjoyed what's on offer, too. Digital Spy's Ian Sandwell gave it four stars out of five, likening it to another excellent Hulu movie – 2022's Predator prequel Prey – and calling it "so effective and innovative in its approach to a classic home-invasion thriller that it's a must-see movie".

The Verge's Andrew Webster labeled it a "taut, minimalist sci-fi horror", while The Hollywood Reporter's Frank Scheck hailed Dever's potent performance, writing that she gives a "virtuoso turn in [this] intense alien home invasion thriller". Collider's Samantha Coley was equally effusive, saying "[director] Brian Duffield's thought-provoking creature feature promises to become a favorite among lovers of both genres".

There is the odd review that suggests No One Will Save You isn't absolutely perfect. IGN's Marya Gates claimed it tries to do too much, adding it "ultimately fumbles when it becomes both a convoluted action film and an on-the-nose parable about overcoming grief and guilt". Paste Magazine's Matt Donato agreed with that sentiment, adding the film "has trouble marrying the film’s self-assured message with subplot themes around a tragedy that befell Brynn’s childhood".

Overall, though, No One Will Save You sounds like it'll scratch that uneasy, horror-imbued itch you've got as we slowly ramp up to the most spine-chilling time of the year. And don't worry, international viewers – No One Will Save You is available on Disney Plus outside of the US, too, so you won't miss out one of the best horror films of 2023 on one of the world's best streaming services. Expect to see Duffield's latest movie offering join our best Disney Plus movies and best Hulu movies lists accordingly.

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