An iconic Barbie scene almost wasn't included in the movie

barbie scene cut
The Barbie scene that was almost cut from the filmWarner Bros.

Can you imagine saying no to Greta Gerwig? Well, it turns out studio executives had zero problem almost saying no to one of the most iconic scenes in the new Barbie movie.

Whilst speaking to Rolling Stone about Barbie, Greta revealed there was one scene she had to fight with the studio over to get included, as they didn't think it was important to the story.

The scene in question? When Barbie (Margot Robbie) is crying on a bench in the real world and turns to the elderly woman next to her and says: "you're so beautiful", and the woman replies: "I know".

barbie scene cut
Warner Bros.

Greta was adamant the scene should remain in the film, as she believes it is the true heart of the story.

"I love that scene so much. It’s a cul-de-sac of a moment, in a way – it doesn’t lead anywhere," Greta said. "And in early cuts, looking at the movie, it was suggested, 'Well, you could cut it. And actually, the story would move on just the same.' And I said, 'If I cut the scene, I don’t know what this movie is about.'

"To me, this is the heart of the movie. The way Margot plays that moment is so gentle and so unforced."

Thankfully, she did manage to keep it in and the scene has now been one of the most talked about moments since the film's release.

barbie scene cut
Warner Bros.

Whilst the scene may not technically have anything to do with the plot of the movie, it's also one of the most important scenes in the entire film, as it begins Barbie's understanding and appreciation of the real world.

The woman on the bench, who is played by Greta's friend 91-year-old Oscar-winning costume designer Ann Roth, was also crucial for Greta as she wanted to give the audience a moment of reassurance.

"The idea of a loving God who’s a mother, a grandmother — who looks at you and says, ‘Honey, you’re doing OK’ — is something I feel like I need and I wanted to give to other people," Greta told The New York Times.

Ok, we're really sobbing now.

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