‘The Idea of You’ Cast and Character Guide: Who Plays Who?

The Idea of You” is now streaming on Prime Video and it’s led by two former on-screen royals. But you’re going to see a few other familiar faces too.

The new film centers on Soléne Marchand (Anne Hathaway), a newly 40-year-old single mom. When her ex-husband drops the ball on a trip to Coachella he promised to take with their daughter and her friends, Soléne takes over, escorting them to a VIP experience with August Moon, her daughter’s former favorite boy band.

While there, Soléne accidentally stumbles into the trailer of Hayes Campbell, the lead singer of August Moon. And from there, a romance blossoms — but doesn’t necessarily flourish as much as it could.

Here’s who you need to know in the film.

Anne Hathaway (Getty Images)
Anne Hathaway (Getty Images)

Soléne Marchand (Anne Hathaway) — Anne Hathaway stars as Soléne, the head of an art gallery who just wants to feel … everything. Oscar and BAFTA-winning actress Hathaway is a legend at this point, known for films like the “Princess Diaries” franchise, “Interstellar,” “Les Misérables,” “The Dark Knight Rises” and so many more.

Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Henry in "Red White & Royal Blue" (Prrime Video)
Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Henry in “Red White & Royal Blue” (Prrime Video)

Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine) — Hayes Campbell is the 24-year-old boy band singer that Soléne quickly falls for. He’s played by Nicholas Galitzine, who fans most recently would have seen in “Mary & George,” “Bottoms” or perhaps “Red, White and Royal Blue.”

Getty Images
Getty Images

Izzy Marchand (Ella Rubin) — Izzy is Soléne’s daughter, who used to be an August Moon superfan. But now, they’re “so 7th grade.” She’s played by Ella Rubin, who you might recognize as Bianca Breer from Max’s 2021 “Gossip Girl,” or as Natalie from Hulu’s “The Girl From Plainville.”

Reid Scott as Det. Vincent Riley on "SVU"
Reid Scott as Det. Vincent Riley on “SVU” (CREDIT: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

Daniel (Reid Scott) — Daniel is Soléne’s cheating ex-husband, who naturally gets upset immediately over her new relationship. He’s played by Reid Scott, who starred as Gordon Ford in “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” Dr. Dan Lewis in the “Venom” movies and a lot more.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Tracy (Annie Mumolo) — Tracy is Soléne’s best friend, who encourages her to do more for herself, but also reminds her that the world hates seeing a happy woman. Comedy great Annie Mumolo plays the character, and fans will likely recognize her from films like “Barbie,” “Queenpins,” “The Boss,” “Bridesmaids” and more.

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