I'll always be physically active, says John Cena

John Cena intends to be "physically active" for as long as possible.

The wrestler-turned-actor has pushed himself to his physical limits throughout his life, and John doesn't have any intention of slowing down anytime soon.

The 47-year-old star - who rose to prominence in the WWE in the 2000s - told PEOPLE: "When I was a young 12-year-old, it was to look muscular so I couldn't get beat up. And then as a late teen, it was to be strong so I could play sports. And then as a young 20-something, I wanted to aesthetically look good just to keep myself disciplined."

John now has different reasons for working out. However, he intends to remain active "into [his] late 80s or 90s".

The Hollywood star shared: "At 47 now, my goal is to be physically active until I can't. I put a number in my head of like, I'd like to be physically active into my late 80s or 90s. To do a parallel squat in my late 80s."

John acknowledges that his legendary wrestling career is "coming to an end". But fitness will always be a key part of his life.

John - who joined the WWE in 2001 - said: "I know my WWE journey is coming to an end, but fitness was a part of my life long before the WWE journey started.

"Fitness will be a part of my life, hopefully as long as my heart's beating. So the WWE has been a great chapter in my life - it's year 23 for me - and the sun's setting on that chapter in the book, but fitness will never not be a part of my life."