I'm testing the DreamCloud Premier Mattress and it's already easing my insomnia — here's how

 Image shows the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid Mattress which we reviewed on a tall grey fabric bed frame in .
Image shows the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid Mattress which we reviewed on a tall grey fabric bed frame in .

The DreamCloud Premier Hybrid may not be one of the priciest mattresses on the market, but it certainly reinforces the fact that DreamCloud makes some of the best mattresses in the business.

When it comes to mattresses, I’m extremely picky. Not to up myself or anything, but I have to have a luxurious plush-yet-supportive-and-cooling mattress to sleep on; otherwise, I just end up tossing and turning, which then triggers my insomnia. It’s worse when the mattress is too hard or too soft, as that aggravates my mild lower back issue that manifests as pain in my right leg.

Testing my very first DreamCloud, appropriately named The DreamCloud, was an absolute game-changer for me. Immediately, my insomnia went away, and even better, I was getting the best-quality sleep I’ve had in my life. Hands-down, it’s one of the best hybrid mattresses I’ve slept in – so much so that it was hard to give it up (but alas, such is the curse of someone who tests and reviews mattresses for a living.)

DreamCloud Premier Hybrid: Quick specs

Type: Hybrid innerspring
Materials: Cashmere blend, gel memory foam, CertiPUR-US Certified standard foam
Firmness: 'Supportive Plush'
Height: 14"
Trial period: 365 nights
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: MSRP from $1,169 at DreamCloud

Naturally, when I was commissioned to test and review the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid, I had high expectations. Luckily, it did not disappoint. Since The DreamCloud, I would recommend the brand in fervent tones to anyone needing a new mattress, especially if that person was looking for the best mattress for back pain. And I cannot tell you what a relief it is to have that reaffirmed here.

The middle child in DreamCloud’s three-mattress line, the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid was designed to be a tad more supportive than the slightly cheaper, classic model, which makes it the ideal choice for sleepers who want that sweet spot between cloud comfort and back support. What’s more, while it may be a little pricier than the original, DreamCloud also regularly offers it at a discounted price, so it’s a worthwhile choice among this year's Black Friday mattress deals.

I’m still in the middle of testing the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid, but while I’m working on my full review, which will be available soon on Tom’s Guide, here’s a sneak peek of my experience sleeping on this mattress so far.

DreamCloud Premier Hybrid: Price and trial

If you’re used to roughing it with cheap sub-$200 mattresses sold on Amazon, the price tag on the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid might give you a mild whiplash. This top-rated mattress in a box starts at $1,169, and that’s for the twin size. Get a queen like my review sample and you’re looking at a $1,832 investment.

This is how much the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid mattress costs when not on sale:

  • Twin MSRP: $1,169

  • Twin XL MSRP: $1,499

  • Full MSRP: $1,669

  • Queen MSRP: $1,832

  • King MSRP: $2,169

  • California king MSRP: $2,169

  • Split king MSRP: $2,998

Honestly though, it’s a worthwhile investment. Top-quality mattresses like this one will last you up to eight years of dreamy slumber, and this comes with DreamCloud’s “Forever Warranty” as well as a 365-night home trial. And, since DreamCloud regularly puts its products up for sale throughout the year, you need not shell out that much. This month's DreamCloud mattress sale knocks 40% off all its mattresses for Black Friday, reducing the cost of a queen size DreamCloud Premier Hybrid to only $1,099 – that’s a $733 discount.

DreamCloud Premier Hybrid: from $1,169 $699 at DreamCloud
As DreamCloud’s mid-range mattress, the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid is its Goldilocks of mattresses, delivering a nice balance of comfort and support while keeping its price tag affordable for most people. For a queen, the asking price is typically $1,832, but this 40% Black Friday discount knocks $733 off, making it even more accessible to budget-minded sleepers. With your purchase, you’re getting a 365-night trial as well as DreamCloud’s “Forever Warranty”.View Deal

DreamCloud Premier Hybrid: Unboxing and setup

Unboxing the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid can be a one-person job, but depending on your fitness-level, it could also be a two-person one since hybrid mattresses are fairly heavy. That’s because it comes delivered in a large box – compressed and vacuum-sealed in a thick plastic bag then folded and rolled in cling wrap – at your door, and you have to haul the package into your bedroom and onto your bed yourself as DreamCloud doesn’t offer a white-glove service like Saatva.

DreamCloud Premier Hybrid mattress review image shows the bottom corner of the mattress where the DreamCloud logo sticker is attached in blue
DreamCloud Premier Hybrid mattress review image shows the bottom corner of the mattress where the DreamCloud logo sticker is attached in blue

Don’t worry if you haven’t gone through this process of unboxing a hybrid mattress before. I’m petite, and I was able to haul it up on my platform frame and unpack it all by myself. It just takes a bit of planning so the process is easier. Make sure that it unfolds and unrolls right-side up; otherwise, you’ll end up having to flip over a fully-expanded, 120-pound mattress all on your own, which is definitely a workout. Make sure too that you’re peeling that plastic wrapping in a way that makes it easier to completely pull it out from under the mattress after expansion.

The great thing about DreamCloud’s mattresses is that there’s not a lot of off-gassing involved. There was just a very faint smell after unpacking, and the only time I could smell it was when my face was inches away from the mattress. I appreciate that as that usually means that the mattress doesn’t have a lot potentially-harmful chemicals inside.

I did have to wait 24 hours before I slept on it the first time, however, just to make sure that it’s fully-expanded without interference.

DreamCloud Premier Hybrid: My first week

One of the most luxurious things about the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid is that it’s a 14-inch-thick mattress, which absolutely makes me feel like I’m in a fancy hotel room before I even hop on to it. I was sleeping on my two-year old Saatva Classic, which was 0.5-inch thicker, and that tiny bit of difference was surprisingly noticeable, but it didn’t make this one slightly unappealing to me.

Night 1: Feeling gloriously comfortable

After waiting 24 hours for expansion, I got right down to testing it, which was a relief because sleeping on my old couch has been back-breaking of late. I used to love sleeping on my couch like I'm Fox Mulder on the weekends so I could just fall asleep while watching my go-to binge-watch shows, but doing so these days just gives me terrible lower back and leg pain.

About the reviewer

Height: 4' 11"
Weight: 112lbs
Sleep style: Combi (side and back)
Sleep issues: Insomnia, minor back pain extending to the right leg
Share a bed: No

Luckily, after a crappy night on the couch, the Premier Hybrid immediately went to work, putting me to much-needed sleep. And by the next morning, the pain was gone, and I was right as rain again.

It did feel a little less supportive around my hip area – likely owing to the fact that there are four and a half layers of foam before you reach the supportive innersprings, and I’m not heavy enough to reach that layer – but that didn’t get in the way of a good night’s rest. On the contrary, my first night was gloriously comfortable, with those foam layers and the quilted cashmere blend cover enveloping me like a cloud.

Review image shows the a white mattress cover pulled back on the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid mattress, which is dressed with a burnt-orange throw
Review image shows the a white mattress cover pulled back on the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid mattress, which is dressed with a burnt-orange throw

Nights 2-7: No longer struggling to sleep

This same high-quality of comfort and sleep persisted the following nights, and I’m pleased to say that apart from that one night when one of my cats was sick and sneezing all over my sheets, I had not had a single night of sleep struggle. There’s also enough contouring and pressure-relieving layers here to make sure that my arms and shoulders don’t end up sore in the morning when I had been spending most of the night on my side.

In addition, I’m very impressed by this mattress’ cooling properties. There was one night when it was very warm, which made me nervous as that also triggers my insomnia, and I debated whether to turn on my AC or let the mattress do its thing. I went with the latter, and I’m pleased to report that it fared incredibly well, keeping me cool and sweat-free even as the warmth persisted throughout the night.

There’s also good perimeter support here. It’s not as firm around the edges as some of the other mattresses I’ve tested, but it’s firm enough to keep still and keep me from slipping off the mattress completely.

Image shows a close up of our review sample of the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid mattress and the plush euro top
Image shows a close up of our review sample of the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid mattress and the plush euro top

Same can be said about its motion isolation. It’s not the best I’ve seen in that a wine glass in the middle of the bed will still wobble a little when I drop a heavy object 10 inches away. In fact, I could feel it when my cats are walking on one side of the bed, and I’m laying on the other side. However, there’s definitely enough motion isolation here to prevent that wine glass from completely tipping over during my tests.

Whether or not that matters to you depends on how light of a sleeper you are and how much your partner moves during sleep. The good news is that you do have an entire year to test it out, if you decide to get this mattress.

DreamCloud Premier Hybrid: My early thoughts

It must be said that the most ideal mattress for one person isn’t necessarily going to be the best one for another. However, if like me you’re a combination sleeper with some sleep issues like insomnia or back ache, the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid is definitely a safe bet for luxe comfort and support. I'd also recommend you read our Saatva Classic mattress review for an in-depth look at America's top hybrid overall.

I’ve always been an advocate of hybrid innerspring mattresses as they give you the contouring and inviting sink of a memory foam or latex mattress and the support of spring one, and the Premier Hybrid definitely knocks it out of the park. So much so I’m actually struggling to get out of bed every morning – and I’m usually a wake-up-and-get-up kind of person.

It’s not only kept my insomnia under control and soothed my leg pain away but also made sure that I’m getting the best-quality sleep by keeping me cool at night and ensuring that my cats don’t shake me awake whenever they're doing whatever rebel-rousing they usually get into at night.

My early verdict: It’s time to up your mattress game if you’re struggling to sleep. The DreamCloud Premier Hybrid is a worthy combination whether you’re a side-sleeper, a back-sleeper, or a hot sleeper. It's worth every cent, especially now that it's heavily discounted for Black Friday.