Imperfections are sexy, says Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson thinks imperfections are "sexy".

The 56-year-old star - who is best known for playing 'C.J.' Parker on 'Baywatch' - has adopted a makeup-free look in recent times, and Pamela has been surprised by the reaction to her fresh-faced appearance.

She told PORTER: "I didn’t think anybody would notice. I was just doing it for me.

"I was like, ‘I’m not going to play this game’. I thought, really, it’s not that important - people are going to see me for five minutes; how bad can it be?!"

Pamela is determined to embrace her perceived imperfections, and she hopes that her approach will inspire younger women, too.

The actress reflected: "In a way, I am doing it for the girls.

"With this social-media world, it’s easy to fall down that rabbit hole of comparing yourself to others. Imperfections are human, they’re sexy. The differences are what make us interesting."

Pamela is determined to do things "[her] my own way" at this stage of her career.

The Hollywood star said: "I save a lot of time this way. I’m just being in the moment and there really are no rules ... I’m really interested in moving forward and doing things my own way."

Pamela had breast implant surgery near the start of her career, and although her outlook on fashion and beauty has changed over recent years, she doesn't live with any regrets.

The actress - who became a global sex symbol on the back of her 'Baywatch' fame - shared: "I’m not trying to be this natural beauty, because I’ve done things to my body that I can’t take back.

"There are no regrets, but I don’t want to keep at it. I’m talking about my breasts. I just want to leave myself alone now ... I’m good enough as I am."

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