Imran Khan says ‘three criminals’ behind assassination attempt will target him again

Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan has alleged that the “three criminals” who were behind his assassination attempt are planning to target him again.

On 3 November, the former prime minister was shot in the shin by a gunman as he conducted a march demanding early elections in the country.

The gunman had opened fire at a container truck carrying Mr Khan in Gujranwala in the Wazirabad district in the eastern Punjab province.

He was travelling in a large convoy of trucks and cars heading towards Islamabad.

At a rally in Rawalpindi, not far from the capital on Saturday, Mr Khan said that “three criminals” who were behind the failed assassination attempt were going to attack him again, reported Press Trust of India.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief had earlier alleged that prime minister Shehbaz Sharif, interior minister Rana Sanaullah and ISI counter intelligence wing head Maj-Gen Faisal Naseer were behind the attack on him without providing any proof.

Addressing his supporters, Mr Khan asked them to free themselves of the fear of death.

“Fear makes an entire nation into slaves,” he said.

Mr Khan was referring to the battle of Karbala in present day Iraq where Prophet Mohammed’s grandson Imam Hussain was killed along with his family members for raising his voice against the tyrannical rule of the time.

“If you want to live life, shun the fear of death,” he said, adding that he had seen death at close range.

In the same rally, the former prime minister, who was ousted by a vote of no-confidence in the country’s parliament earlier this year announced that his party is quitting all regional and national assemblies, condemning the country’s “corrupt system”.

He said that his party will contest polls in the next nine months.

“We could have created a situation like Sri Lanka. I have decided against marching on Islamabad because I don’t want there to be anarchy in the country. I don’t want to cause any harm to this country,” he said.