Independence Day 2021: India’s greatest achievements at the Olympic Games

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics has been special in so many ways. Held amidst the fears and uncertainties brought on by the pandemic, Tokyo 2020 was definitely one of the most challenging Olympics to date. However, despite all the odds, it was also by far the best edition of the Olympics in terms of performance and medals for India.

While we had some noteworthy performances from Indian athletes like Aditi Ashok (Golf), the Women’s Hockey team and others who left a mark in the competitions despite not winning medals, we also had our best performance in the history of India with seven medals in total this year.

India has won 35 Olympic medals so far from 24 Olympic Games. The country won its first-ever ever Olympic medal in the 1900 Paris Olympics, four years after the first modern Olympics Games were held in Athens. In the Paris Olympics, Norman Pritchard won two Olympic medals for India, one silver medal each in the 200m race and 200m hurdles, thereby becoming India’s first individual Olympic medal winner before India’s independence.

As India's celebrates its India’s 75th Independence year of Independence, we take a look at our best Olympics performances to date: