Indian Diaspora protest against University of Toronto for holding anti-Hindu conference

Toronto (Canada), Sep 03, 2021 (ANI) : Canadian Hindu Diaspora protested outside University of Toronto and demanded to withdraw the university’s endorsement towards an anti-Hindu Conference known as “Dismantling Global Hindutva. At the call of Hindu Forum Canada, many Hindu organizations such as Canada Hindu Registry, Canada Hindu Schools, Canadian Hindu Volunteers and other organizations staged the protest. Canadian Hindus showed their dismay and frustration over the University of Toronto’s sponsorship to the Hinduphobic conference. They wrote to the University that “University of Toronto is near and dear not just to Hindus in Canada, but to Hindus across the world. Not only are many of us students of this esteemed University, many are employed there. Hindu Canadians are doctors, engineers, scientists, teachers, graduates, post-graduates and Ph.Ds. from the University of Toronto. By supporting this conference, University of Toronto is not only putting them at risk, but also Canadian Hindus at large. They chanted “shame shame shame – University of Toronto. Their placards read, “Universities – Stop Hinduphobia” The Protesters marched to the Ontario Legislative Assembly. They urged the University of Toronto to withdraw its support towards the controversial conference. They also filed a hate crime complaint to the Toronto Police.

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