Indian man turns family car into helicopter, only to have it immediately seized

An Indian man spent over £2,000 (250,000 Rupees) on his dream to own a car that looked like a helicopter - only to have the vehicle seized by police on the day it hit the road.

Ishwar Deen, a resident of India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh, worked on his family car for more than two months to make it look like a chopper.

He welded a helicopter’s rotor blade onto the roof and attached a tail boom to the back of the vehicle, which he named “car copter”.

Mr Deen was on his way to a workshop to get it painted when it was stopped by traffic police who seized the chopper-car for violating motor rules and fined its maker 2,000 Rupees (£18.94).

An investigation has been launched, police said.