Indian tribal men invent wrist watch that runs anti-clockwise ‘in harmony with nature’

Two Indian men in the western state of Gujarat have invented a wrist watch that runs anti-clockwise, something they claim to be in “harmony with nature”, said a report.

The watch, named the “tribal watch”, has been made by social activist Pradip Patel, 32, and his friend Bharat Patel, 30, reported the Indian Express.

Pradip Patel told the outlet that the idea to create the watch came to him when he visited a friend two years ago and saw an old clock that runs anti-clockwise.

“At my friend Vijaybhai Chaudhary’s house, I saw an old clock which runs in an anti-clockwise direction. When I asked about it, he told me that nature’s cycles and its movements work from right to left, in an anti-clockwise direction,” he was quoted as saying.

He then started working on the watch with his friend Bharat, who works at a wristwatch shop.

The two developed their first watch after months of research in December last year.

The watch features hour, minute and seconds hands running in anti-clockwise direction.

“We made new models with a photo of a tribal man and a caption ‘Jay Adivasi’. We named this watch as ‘tribal watch’ . It runs in harmony with nature… All planets revolve around the sun from right-to-left direction (anti-clockwise). Even movements in group dances of tribals are from right to left. We tribals perform all the rituals from right to left,” Mr Bharat Patel told the outlet.

At present, seven different models of the watches have been manufactured and prices range between Rs 700 and Rs 1,000 (approximately £7-10).

The watch was launched on Tuesday by a Congress party lawmaker from Vansda city.

The lawmaker said members of tribal community will be taught to manufacture the watch and sell it in 14 districts across Gujarat.