Indians are loving South Korean embassy staffers’ ‘Naatu Naatu’ dance

Indians are loving the South Korean embassy employees’ dance to the award-winning Tollywood film RRR’s song “Naatu Naatu.”

On Saturday, South Korean ambassador Chang Jae-bok and other employees were spotted dancing to the hit song in a video shared by the embassy’s Twitter page.

The embassy captioned the video: “Do you know Naatu? We are happy to share with you the Korean Ambassador Chang Jae-bok along with the embassy staff Naatu Naatu!!”

In the video, both Korean and Indian staff members can be seen grooving to the song which won the best original song award at the 80th Golden Globes this year.

Many people have reacted to the video, including the Indian prime minister.

Litigation and blockchain lawyer Chandni Preeti Vijaykumar Shah wrote on Twitter: “The Korean Ambassador @ChangJaebok1 along with the Korean embassy staff grooving on ‘Naatu Naatu’ is a treat to watch!!

“Now this is what the global influence and impact of the Indian cinema looks like!”

Indian journalist Monideepa Banerjie added: “Super, South Korea!”

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi also reacted to the video. He tweeted: “Lively and adorable team effort.”

Journalist Priyanka Hemanti Bhatt wrote: “The craze for #NaatuNaatu is on another level!! So proud!!”

One person wrote: “Adorable performance, the #NaatuNaatu vibe taking over the world, truly cinema, music and arts have the power to bring the world closer.”

“Naatu Naatu’s” video was shot in front of Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky’s residence in 2021.

Apart from Golden Globe, M M Keeravani’s song also won a Critics Choice award and a Sattelite Award.

The Telugu track has also been nominated for an Oscar award this year where it’ll compete with the likes of Rihanna’s “Life Me Up” and Lady Gaga’s “Hold My Hand.”