InnoCan Pharma receives strong buy recommendation: Here is why

InnoCan Pharma receives strong buy recommendation: Here is why
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Those who invested in InnoCan Pharma’s (CSE: INNO) (FSE: IP4) (OTCQB: INNPF) a year ago are up 273%.

The stock has risen almost 20% after another major experimental study demonstrating the strength of its CBD-Loaded technology

According to financial experts, the recent explosion in InnoCan’s stock value was triggered by its recent announcement. Earlier this month, the company released the results of its experimental study of its CBD-Loaded liposome technology (LPT), demonstrating that the clinical trial on larger animals received similar conclusions to its study on smaller animals. The trial verified InnoCan’s hypothesis that prolonged CBD exposure into the bloodstream by injection is more effective than when CBD solutions are administered orally.

As one of Israel’s rising pharmaceutical companies, InnoCan Pharma has proved itself not only to be viable in the lab but also on the stock market. Since its market inception, InnoCan has approximately tripled its monetary value but more importantly gained the confidence of many in the biotech community. The company is also invested in developing several innovative products outside of their focused research. While its shareholders celebrate the company’s initial successes, investors should know that this is just the beginning.

Founded in 2018, InnoCan Pharma is one of the world’s most promising pharmaceutical technology firms, specializing in Cannabidiol (CBD) loaded delivery systems utilizing the power of Exosomes and Liposomes to target damaged cells in the Central Nervous System (CNS). Managing the company are CEO and Co-Founder Iris Bincovich, Executive Chairman Ron Mayron (former CEO of Teva Israel (NYSE: TEVA)), as well as Yoram Drucker, a founder of Pluristem (NASDAQ: PSTI) and

Brainstorm (NASDAQ: BCLI). In addition, the company has forged significant partnerships with some of Israel’s prestigious research universities, Ramot of Tel Aviv University and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, each in order to produce distinct CBD-loaded delivery systems.

Since its establishment, the company has researched modern mediums for CBD medical combinations and developed not only ground-breaking smart delivery methods but also healing cosmetic products. While InnoCan is based in Canada and Israel, it is featured on some of the world’s most competitive countries as well as exchanges. Currently, InnoCan is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) as INNO, Germany’s Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) as IP4, and New York’s OTC Ventures Exchange (OTC) as INNPF.

Over the past few months, InnoCan Pharma’s stock margins have maintained a steady rise. In early March 2021, the company has cash reserved of $4.4 million dollars and very low debt rates and low operating revenue, a course that sets the company up to endure until product breakthrough and therefore long-term sustainable investment. In the same month, InnoCan entered the market and was listed at $0.37 CAD per share on the Canadian Securities Exchange. Though, throughout the last week, the company’s stock began to rise significantly, gaining practically 20% since its prior closing. At the moment, InnoCan’s stock retains $0.71 CAD per share – almost doubling its introductory value.

These outcomes are significant because it brings the company’s CBD- loaded liposome closer to human trials and provides further evidence for InnoCan’s CBD claims. The experiment additionally places the company in a prime position to advance preliminary product development via its smart delivery system. The study was conducted in cooperation with The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, led by Professor Chezy Barenholz, Head of the Membrane and Liposome Research Department.

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