Innovations for the ageing population in Singapore

A fall from any height might be the beginning of many more problems for the elderly.

That is why the wearable air bag demonstration by SATA commhealth garnered much attention.

Aside from the vest, we were also shown many other initiatives at the Practical Innovations for Elders center at SATA commhealth.

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Video transcript

- A fall-detecting airbag vest. A portable bath pool thing. A fully-automated, voice-controlled house and kitchen system.


- These initiatives and innovations circle around Singapore as it prepares for an aging population and focuses mainly on the idea of living alone or assisted by nursing and health care professionals.


- To me, the vision that we have in Singapore should be that actually, this is the best place to grow old on Earth, amongst all countries, not just in the health care perspective, but from the physical infrastructure, in terms of the networks that we have that support, the branding that takes place, and the [INAUDIBLE] not just for this problem, but once we deem that there might need for branding and all this integration.

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