What’s inside this BMW pop-up store?

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Do you have an invitation to see the strange new BMW model in this pop-up at Suntec Plaza?

SINGAPORE —If you’re at Suntec Plaza for the next fortnight you might notice the BMW Pavilion, a pop-up store that is in town for two weeks.

Inside it is the German car maker’s newest creation, the first-ever BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo.

It’s a relatively strange machine that combines elements of a hatchback, crossover, limousine and sports coupe.

The 6 Series GT, which starts at $311,800 with Certificate Of Entitlement, is available to test drive at the BMW Pavilion, along with a number of other models.

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On most days, however, you’ll need an invitation to get through the doors.

The Pavilion is only open to members of the public on Sundays (November 12 and 19). On other days it’s a closed-door, intimate venue for no more than 25 guests at a time to get up close with the BMWs there, or attend workshops by such partner brands as The Bespoke Club, Samsung and Armin Strom, among others.

The inclusion of other brands is part of the BMW Pavilion’s mission to take customers of what it calls a “journey of exclusivity and sophistication”. 

Singapore is the fifth city in the world and the first country in Asia to host the BMW Pavilion.


We’ve driven the 6 Series GT. It’s amazing in the back…

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