Pokémon GO: 'Invisible obstacle' at your PokéStop? It's Kecleon and you can catch it

If you've seen something blocking your PokéStop, it's not a bug (it's a lizard)

After five years, Kecleon has finally debuted in Pokémon Go. (Photo: Niantic)
After five years, Kecleon has finally debuted in Pokémon Go. (Photo: Niantic)

The newest addition to your Pokédex has arrived in Pokémon GO!

Kecleon, the chameleon-like Gen III Pokémon, was recently made available to players after the Chespin Community Day on 7 January.

Kecleon is a Normal type Pokémon, with a max CP of 2,314 and stats of 161 ATK, 189 DEF and 155 STA. Different types of charge attacks can be used by this Pokémon, including:

  • Foul Play – Dark type, 70 damage, 45 energy

  • Aerial Ace – Flying type, 55 damage, 45 energy

  • Shadow Sneak – Ghost type, 50 damage, 45 energy

  • Flamethrower – Fire type, 90 damage, 55 energy

  • Ice Beam – Ice type, 90 damage, 55 energy

  • Thunder – Electric type, 100 damage, 60 energy

Kecleon is primarily a collector’s item, though, because it is useless in both Raids and Trainer Battles.

But we know everyone wants a Kecleon (or more!) to complete their Pokédex, so if you’re looking forward to catching your first-ever colour-swapping Pokémon, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how to find Kecleon in Pokémon Go

It's not easy to catch a Kecleon, and catching it involves a unique mechanic. (Photo: Niantic)
It's not easy to catch a Kecleon, and catching it involves a unique mechanic. (Photo: Niantic, Twitter user @MrDanielSmith78)

Kecleon can appear as a weather-boosted spawn, and you may encounter more Kecleon in Partly Cloudy weather.

Levels up to 30 are available in the wild, while levels above 30 are available only with a weather boost.

Kecleon appears at random PokéStop. Thus, the best approach to catching one is to visit as many as you can.

Kecleon is available for everyone who goes to the said PokéStop, but each Trainer must spin the PokéStop independently to catch it. It's a fairly rare spawn, so you might have to visit 15 to 20 PokéStops before encountering one.

If you've come across a Kecleon, you'll see its ghostly shape clinging to the PokéStop Disc.

A warning will appear if you try to spin it, claiming that "an invisible obstacle" is blocking your action. When this occurs, you will see the almost transparent shape of the Kecleon moving around the said PokéStop.

Tap the Kecleon repeatedly until it no longer appears at the PokéStop. This will cause it to spawn on the map in the area, and you can catch it in the same way as any other wild Pokémon.

If you don't see it, wait for a new Team Rocket PokéStop to appear in your area. When that happens, the Pokémon should be able to appear.

This is a rare Pokémon with a unique mechanic for players to catch in Pokémon GO, instead of simply appearing in the wild or in a raid.

We don't know when Kecleon will vanish because it's an unannounced Pokémon.

It will most likely only be available for a limited time, but Niantic has not specified when this will be.

Hopefully, it will return to events on a regular basis, giving us multiple opportunities to add it to our collection. Happy hunting!

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