Is 'Sticker Lady's' work vandalism or art?

Many Singaporeans are unhappy over the recent arrest of street artist Samantha Lo.

The 25-year-old is believed to have painted “MY GRANDFATHER ROAD” on several roads here, and to have created circular, black-and-white stickers with captions such as “Press to time travel”, “Anyhow press police catch” and “Press to Nirvana” that have been found around Lau Pa Sat and Robinson Road.

An online petition to the authorities calling for Lo's release has also been put up on, a website that claims “to promote social change by the use of online petitions”. By Wednesday afternoon, more 11,000 people had put their names to the petition.

A Facebook event page has also been created to get more people to sign the petition.

Stephanie Choy, the creator of the Facebook page, wrote that she had started the page because “I am not happy by the constant censorship of art in Singapore”.

While users on Facebook and Twitter debate on whether Lo should have been charged or not, we’d like to get your opinion on what constitutes art vis-à-vis vandalism.

Let us know in the poll and comments below.