I've not allowed fame to change me, says Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster at the Oscars credit:Bang Showbiz
Jodie Foster at the Oscars credit:Bang Showbiz

Jodie Foster hasn't allowed fame and success to change her.

The 61-year-old star has enjoyed huge success during her career, which includes winning two Oscars - but Jodie has never diluted her real-life self in the pursuit of fame.

Discussing the secrets of her success on the Oscars red carpet, Jodie told ABC News: "[The key] I think mostly just be yourself.

"There's a lot of temptation to turn into somebody else and like, stick things in your face ... you know, hate yourself. I've just always been myself. Yeah, that's kind of all I do."

Jodie previously won the Best Actress in a Leading Role gong for 'The Accused' and 'The Silence of the Lambs'.

Asked where she keeps her awards, Jodie replied: "They were in the bathroom but they got corroded. Now they're ... now they're in a nice place."

Jodie shot to fame as a child and she previously admitted that the attention "altered" her "universe".

The Hollywood icon - who has focused on directing over recent years - acknowledged that fame has changed her life.

Jodie told the Guardian newspaper: "Being a public figure, your universe is altered and you just don’t know anything else. And you don’t know that you’re a blowhard, and that you’re not a good friend, and that you never show up, because people indulge you. So there are hard lessons you have to learn.

"There’s something Hugh Grant said, which I thought was right on: that the fame thing at a young age is like being shot up with steroids and you live with those big muscles your whole life, and then, one day, you make the decision that there are no more steroids. And you don’t recognise yourself and have no idea who you are. And you have to rebuild an entire identity."