Ivory Coast vs Guinea-Bissau LIVE! AFCON result, match stream and latest updates today

Ivory Coast vs Guinea-Bissau LIVE! AFCON result, match stream and latest updates today

Ivory Coast vs Guinea-Bissau LIVE!

The 2023 Africa Cup of Nations has begun with the hosts in action at the impressive Alassane Ouattara Stadium in Abidjan. The two-times champions were very much expected to hit the ground running in front of their own fans against a side outside the top 100 of the world rankings.

A strong squad has been picked by Ivory Coast boss Jean-Louis Gasset, who could even afford to leave Wilfried Zaha out. Sebastien Haller missed out through injury with Jean-Philippe Krasso leading the Ivorian line. Guinea-Bissau, meanwhile, hoped Lyon forward Mama Balde can help cause an upset.

Les Elephants came out on top after an early strike by Seko Fofana, before a nervy showing was eased in the searing humidity by Krasso's second-half goal.

Ivory Coast vs Guinea-Bissau highlights

  • GOAL! Seko Fofana smashes early opener

  • GOAL! Krasso doubles Ivory Coast advantage

AFCON hosts Ivory Coast off to winning start

22:14 , Marc Mayo

Thanks for joining us on this opening night of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations!

Seko Fofana and Jean-Philippe Krasso were the heroes for Ivory Coast as a valiant Guinea-Bissau performance was not enough to down the hosts.

Recap the action with our match report!

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Huge game up next for Ivory Coast

22:11 , Marc Mayo

A proper showdown coming up on Thursday at 5pm GMT for Ivory Coast...

It's the Super Eagles of Nigeria in what is surely the match of the group stage.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

More AFCON coming up tomorrow

22:10 , Marc Mayo

The group stage ramps up on day two of the Africa Cup of Nations as Nigeria face Equatorial Guinea back here in Abidjan at 2pm GMT tomorrow.

Group B begins at 5pm with Egypt facing Mozambique at Stade Felix Houphouet-Boigny, where Ghana then meet Cape Verde at 8pm.

Ivory Coast 2-0 Guinea-Bissau | Full time!

22:03 , Marc Mayo

It's all over in Abidjan!

A valuable win on the opening night of this AFCON for host nation Ivory Coast.

Ivory Coast 2-0 Guinea-Bissau | 90+2 mins

22:01 , Marc Mayo

Half a chance for Nicolas Pepe, who dribbles into the box but opts for power over placement on his left foot and lashes an effort off target.

Ivory Coast 2-0 Guinea-Bissau | 90 mins

21:59 , Marc Mayo

Idrissa Doumbia replaces Ibrahim Sangare as Ivory Coast wrap up their fifth and final substitute.

Four added minutes.

Ivory Coast 2-0 Guinea-Bissau | 89 mins

21:58 , Marc Mayo

Really nice defending from Guinea-Bissau's Carlos Mendes Gomes to deny Serge Aurier's burst forward - first with a block, then a smart tackle.

Up the other end, Ze Turbo fancies himself for something special but drills a wayward effort wide.

Ivory Coast 2-0 Guinea-Bissau | 86 mins

21:54 , Marc Mayo

Half a chance as Ze Turbo pops up at the back stick to head a really nice cross over.

The Guinea-Bissau substitute mistimed his header, in truth, and it pinged over off his shoulder.

Ivory Coast 2-0 Guinea-Bissau | 85 mins

21:53 , Marc Mayo

FInal change from Guinea-Bissau and ex-Rangers man Dalcio Gomes replaces Mama Balde in attack.

Ivory Coast 2-0 Guinea-Bissau | 81 mins

21:50 , Marc Mayo

The camera pans to Gianni Infantino, sat flicking through his phone in the executive box, which is behind a glass panel and therefore almost certainly air conditioned. It's good work, if you can get it.

Ivory Coast 2-0 Guinea-Bissau | 77 mins

21:46 , Marc Mayo

Ivory Coast bring Willy Boly on before this corner, the towering Nottingham Forest defender replacing the booked Ousmane Diomande.

In it comes, high and sizzling towards the back post... it is met by an attacker but comes to nothing.

Ivory Coast 2-0 Guinea-Bissau | 75 mins

21:45 , Marc Mayo

Mauro Rodrigues off for the beautifully named Ze Turbo as Guinea-Bissau prepare to swing in a corner.

Flicked on, Ivory Coast eventually clear through Nicolas Pepe.

And they'll counter too, Franck Kessie's ball in turned over the bar.

Ivory Coast 2-0 Guinea-Bissau | 74 mins

21:42 , Marc Mayo


Franculino Dju sent through on goal for Guinea-Bissau's best chance of the game... and Yahia Fofana stands tall to make the stop!

Ivory Coast 2-0 Guinea-Bissau | 73 mins

21:42 , Marc Mayo

Some good stuff from Guinea-Bissau still as they pressure Ivory Coast's possession.

Not much of a final ball, however, even after winning it back.

Ivory Coast 2-0 Guinea-Bissau | 69 mins

21:38 , Marc Mayo

Great defending by Marcelo Djalo gets across Karim Konate to stop the Ivorian forward's break into the box.

And Guinea-Bissau launch forward quickly... but Mauro Rodrigues' cross is gobbled up by the goalkeeper.

Ivory Coast 2-0 Guinea-Bissau | 67 mins

21:36 , Marc Mayo

Double change for Guinea-Bissau coming up.

Franculino Dju entering the fold up top and Carlos Mendes Gomes, of League One side Bolton, replace Carlos Mane and Moreto Cassama.

Ivory Coast 2-0 Guinea-Bissau | 63 mins

21:32 , Marc Mayo

Les Elephants upping the ante now as Jeremy Boga whips in a ball which Ouparine Djoco reaches to punch out under pressure from Franck Kessie.

Highlights: Ivory Coast make it 2-0

21:31 , Marc Mayo

Jean-Philippe Krasso, take a bow.

Ivory Coast 2-0 Guinea-Bissau | 61 mins

21:30 , Marc Mayo

Time for some changes, Jean-Philippe Krasso departs for Karim Konate up top for Ivory Coast.

He's a teenage talent at RB Salzburg, with big things hoped for him.

Ex-Arsenal man Nicolas Pepe also on for Jonathan Bamba.

Ivory Coast 2-0 Guinea-Bissau | 60 mins

21:29 , Marc Mayo

How much did they need that?!

Ivory Coast have gone from fretting over a possible opening night shock to cruising towards a valuable win with that single kick of the ball.

Party time in Abidjan!

GGGGOOOOAAALLLLL!!!! Ivory Coast 2-0 Guinea-Bissau | Krasso, 58'

21:27 , Marc Mayo


Jonathan Bamba works well down the left and Jean-Philippe Krasso juggles the ball against two defenders before volleying home!

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 55 mins

21:24 , Marc Mayo

Serge Aurier gets moving to show the attacking impetus he'll bring off the bench.

But it all falls down for Ivory Coast as Jean-Philippe Krasso's dink into the box fails to meet a teammate.

Quickly back on the front foot, Jeremy Boga wins a corner off a swipe from the D.

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 50 mins

21:19 , Marc Mayo

Guinea-Bissau break after winning the ball off Serge Aurier in his own half.

Ghislain Konan is back well to cover at left-back to concede a corner.

Centre-back Opa Sangante gets on the end of it at the near post but stoops to head over.

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 48 mins

21:17 , Marc Mayo

A touch more energy off the ball from Les Elephants but, in searing humidity, we're pretty much in the same pattern of play as we saw in the first half.

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | Kick-off!

21:15 , Marc Mayo

Serge Aurier is on for the Ivorians as the second period begins, at right-back for Wilfried Singo.

Here come the teams!

21:12 , Marc Mayo

The second half is up next...

Guinea-Bissau can be content

21:07 , Marc Mayo

Still yet to ever win a game at AFCON, Guinea-Bissau have looked decent in possession and have a goal in them.

It would be very hard to see them coming back from two down though, so they need the next goal to increase the low-key sense of frustration amongst the locals in Abidjan.

Good start from the hosts... then a quiet response

21:02 , Marc Mayo

Seko Fofana's fourth-minute strike sent Ivory Coast into raptures but it's been so-so since then.

The same player rattled the crossbar later in the half and Jean-Philippe Krasso has popped up in the box a couple of times but they haven't kicked on from going ahead.

The home fans will rightly expect them to try and build on their lead after the break.

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | Half time!

20:57 , Marc Mayo

Late corner for the Ivorians is completely fluffed, sent between two waiting players sat deep and in fact just kicked 30 yards away from goal.

No real drama though as the half-time whistle is soon blown.

Ivory Coast lead but it's been a tight one!

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 45+2 mins

20:55 , Marc Mayo

Ibrahim Sangare looks on baffled as he picks up a yellow card for a pretty innocuous looking mid-air battle for the ball.

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 45 mins

20:53 , Marc Mayo

The board goes up for four additional minutes as the first half nears its end in this AFCON opener.

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 44 mins

20:52 , Marc Mayo

Good defending by Wilfried Singo denies Mama Balde a run into the box after a loose tackle by Ousmane Diomande.

Moreto Cassama then enters the book for a foul from the Guinea-Bissau midfielder.

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 41 mins

20:49 , Marc Mayo

Ivory Coast demand a penalty!

Brilliant ball down the right releases Jonathan Bamba and Jean-Philippe Krasso is there to slot home, but he hits the deck.

Is there enough in that for a spot-kick? NO!

Replays show he went down far, far too easily.

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 38 mins

20:46 , Marc Mayo

Much better from Ivory Coast now as Jean-Philippe Krasso wriggles free and fires at the near post... well blocked!

Guinea-Bissau clear the corner but two men are down, so here come the physios.

Highlights: Seko Fofana hits the crossbar

20:44 , Marc Mayo

Nearly a second goal for the Ivorian midfielder.

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 35 mins

20:42 , Marc Mayo


Ivory Coast race forward and Seko Fofana is teed up, not far from where he scored the opener...

He rattles the woodwork aiming for the same top corner!

Replays show the keeper got a touch on it.

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 34 mins

20:41 , Marc Mayo

Hopeful attempt from Guinea-Bissau captain Alfa Semedo from range, volleyed well wide.

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 30 mins

20:38 , Marc Mayo

Half an hour in and Guinea-Bissau have their best chance!

Evan Ndicka send to a ball and Mauro Rodrigues nips the ball in for Mama Balde to chase, but he shoots at the keeper as advantage is played. Decent sliding block disrupts the shot.

Booking for Ndicka, no complaints for that.

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 27 mins

20:35 , Marc Mayo

A little bit sloppy from the hosts in possession around the back, perhaps a little bit of frustration seeping in.

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 24 mins

20:32 , Marc Mayo

Brief pause for a clash of heads but no significant damage, back underway with Guinea-Bissau generally bossing possession of late.

Not much to see from Ivory Coast about building on their lead.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 21 mins

20:28 , Marc Mayo

Alfa Semedo again involved as he looks up but fails to hit left-back Fali Cande in acres of space, before a too-late pass is behind him and the offside flag goes up.

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 18 mins

20:25 , Marc Mayo

It feels like a really big pitch with neither side pressing too much off the ball.

Nice play around the midfield by Guinea-Bissau before Alfa Semedo clips a cross into the box... and the goalkeeper claims.

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 15 mins

20:22 , Marc Mayo

Painful one for Mama Balde as Ousmane Diomande lands a sharp tackle on his heel, but no foul.

VAR has a little look for a potential red card yet it's not quite that bad.

The Guinea-Bissau man is fit to play on, too.

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 13 mins

20:20 , Marc Mayo

Worth pointing out that it is mighty hot and humid in the outskirts of Abidjan tonight.

A hefty 85 per cent humidity with temperatures still above 25°C, so the players cannot be blamed for taking the odd moment to get their breath back.

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 11 mins

20:18 , Marc Mayo

Les Elephants remain on the front foot, Wilfried Singo heading over from a corner before Guinea-Bissau claim a cross from the right hand side.

Monaco defender Singo is filling in at right-back for the absent Serge Aurier tonight.

Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | 8 mins

20:15 , Marc Mayo

First opening for Guinea-Bissau as the cross comes in from the left but it doesn't fall for a shot on goal.

Highlights: Seko Fofana fires home first goal of AFCON 2023

20:15 , Marc Mayo

Superb start for Ivory Coast.

GGGOOOOAAALLLL!! Ivory Coast 1-0 Guinea-Bissau | S. Fofana, 4'

20:12 , Marc Mayo


Seko Fofana races into the box and unleashes a superb smack into the top corner!

Ivory Coast 0-0 Guinea-Bissau | 4 mins

20:11 , Marc Mayo

A first corner of the tournament!

An error from Guinea-Bissau at the back and Jefferson Encada resorts to lumping it out of play.

Goalkeeper Ouparine Djoco comes out to punch well.

Ivory Coast 0-0 Guinea-Bissau | 2 mins

20:09 , Marc Mayo

Into the action with two 4-3-3 formations on display, lots of energy in both midfields too.

Let's see how fast both want to get off the mark in this opening game.

Ivory Coast vs Guinea-Bissau | Kick-off!

20:07 , Marc Mayo

The 2023 Africa Cup of Nations is underway!

A tantalising match between hosts Ivory Coast and the unfancied Guinea-Bissau gets us going.


Time for the national anthems

20:04 , Marc Mayo

Guinea-Bissau up first with 'Esta É a Nossa Pátria Bem Amada' before 'L'Abidjanaise' is played out in front of this packed house.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Here come the players!

20:01 , Marc Mayo

Team captains Alfa Semedo and Franck Kessie lead the players out behind Egyptian referee Amin Mohamed Omar.

Kick-off up next!

Speeches are done... time to play!

19:58 , Marc Mayo

CAF president Patrice Motsepe is the last up and tells the crowd that an African team will win the World Cup.

"The future of Africa and African football is bright," he says before officially opening the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.

Gianni Infantino addresses the crowd

19:53 , Marc Mayo

The president of FIFA is in the house!

A number of dignitaries are taking turns on the podium to make a little speech before AFCON begins.

Perhaps today he is African...

An incredibly tough to call AFCON

19:49 , Marc Mayo

This year's Africa Cup of Nations really is anybody's to win.

Senegal are arguably narrow favourites as the defending champions ahead of an Ivory Coast team backed as the home nation.

Morocco finished fourth at the World Cup to earn themselves a shot here whereas Algeria are always a threat on this stage.

Mohamed Salah and Victor Osimhen will go head to head as the top players of AFCON as they spearhead title shots for Egypt and Nigeria, respectively.


Who to look out for from the Guinea-Bissau team

19:44 , Marc Mayo

Mama Balde was one of Ligue 1's top forwards last season and earned a move to Lyon, where he has struggled but is nonetheless a key threat for his team tonight.

Experienced goalkeeper Jonas Mendes has lost his place to Ouparine Djoco, so it's a big night for the man who plies his trade in Belgium's second tier.

Former Reading and Nottingham Forest midfielder Alfa Semedo will helm the engine room and, speaking of which, the fabulously named Ze Turbo is on the bench to provide some fresh zip!

Didier Drogba whips up the crowd

19:39 , Marc Mayo

A true Ivory Coast legend!

Today's venue

19:36 , Marc Mayo

The Alassane Ouattara Stadium is named after the Ivorian president and hosts 60,000 fans.

Designed and built by Chinese engineers, it is an example of the two countries' increasingly tight relationship - and has even been labelled a "gift" from China to Ivory Coast.

This AFCON has been subject to $1billion of investment, the hosts say, with France also providing funds for infrastructure development.

Huge night for Jean-Phillip Krasso

19:33 , Marc Mayo

With Sebastien Haller not fit to play tonight, the Crvena zvezda striker has the chance to etch his name into Ivorian history when he starts up top.

Jeremy Boga and Jonathan Bamba have been chosen to flank the 26-year-old, with Nicolas Pepe on the bench.

Simon Adingra is also not named in the squad after injury issues.

Yahia Fofana is given the gloves ahead of veteran Badra Ali Sangare.

Ivory Coast vs Guinea-Bissau match odds

19:28 , Marc Mayo

Ivory Coast: 1/5

Guinea-Bissau: 16/1

Draw: 9/2

Odds via Betfair (subject to change).

Amazing energy from Guinea-Bissau

19:24 , Marc Mayo

They are here for business... with a feel-good attitude!

Warm-ups are underway out on the pitch now the opening ceremony is complete.

Yemi Alade lights up the opening ceremony

19:20 , Marc Mayo

Some performance!

Head-to-head record

19:14 , Marc Mayo

The teams have only met once before, when Ivory Coast produced a 4-1 win in a 2001 WAFU Nations Cup tie.

The hosts are in the house!

19:08 , Marc Mayo

Ivory Coast have checked in.

Ivory Coast legend messages in

19:03 , Marc Mayo

Yaya Toure, who led Les Elephants to the 2015 AFCON title, has sent his best wishes while on Asian Cup duty as part of the Saudi Arabia coaching staff.

A great show being put on by the hosts

18:58 , Marc Mayo

Check out these images from the opening ceremony...

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Latest from the opening ceremony

18:51 , Marc Mayo

Lots of colour and vibrancy in the AFCON opening ceremony.

Nigerian Afropop star Yemi Alade is out as the headline act!

Here's how Guinea-Bissau line up

18:44 , Marc Mayo

Guinea-Bissau XI: Djoco; Encada, Sangante, Djalo, Cande; Cassama, Bikel, Semedo; Rodrigues, Balde, C. Mane.

Subs: J. Mendes, Dju, Nito, Dalcio, Gano, Marciano, Mendes Gomes, Mane, Nanu, Ze Turbo, Ie, H. Mendes.

Ivory Coast team news is in!

18:42 , Marc Mayo

Ivory Coast XI: Y. Fofana; Singo, Diomande, N'Dicka, Konan; Kessie, I. Sangare, S. Fofana; Boga, Krasso, Bamba

Subs: Seri, Kossounou, Konate, Boly, Diakite, Gradel, Aurier, Pepe, Kouame, B. Sangare, Doumbia, Diallo

Behind the scenes

18:35 , Marc Mayo

Here's how the dressing rooms are set ahead of the line-ups being announced shortly.

Opening ceremony underway

18:29 , Marc Mayo

The Alassane Ouattara Stadium is a scene of orange, green and white as the opening ceremony takes place.

The president of Ivory Coast, Alassane Ouattara, has just been paraded through the venue in an open-top car.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Local fans en route to the game

18:19 , Marc Mayo

Safe to say there is lots of excitement in Abidjan today with fans heading to the ground hours before kick-off.

Ivory Coast vs Guinea-Bissau score prediction

18:15 , Marc Mayo

A first-day shock is not beyond the realms of possibility but Ivory Coast should have too much talent for their opponents.

Ivory Coast to win, 2-0.

How we think Guinea-Bissau could line up

18:09 , Marc Mayo

Predicted Guinea-Bissau XI: J. Mendes; Encada, Djalo, Sangante, Cande; N. Gomes, Semedo, Bikel; Dalcio, Dju, Balde

Early Guinea-Bissau team news

18:05 , Marc Mayo

Lyon's Mama Balde will provide the chief threat for Guinea-Bissau, who have Bolton forward Carlos Mendes Gomes in their ranks.

What we reckon for the Ivory Coast line-up

18:00 , Marc Mayo

Predicted Ivory Coast XI: Fofana; Aurier, Diomande, Ndicka, Konan; Kessie, Fofana, Sangare; Krasso, Boga, Bamba

Early Ivory Coast team news

17:56 , Marc Mayo

Former Premier League players Wilfried Zaha and Eric Bailly were both left at home by Les Elephants when their 27-man squad was selected. West Ham winger Maxwel Cornet and Manchester United youngster Amad Diallo are also not involved.

Borussia Dortmund striker Sebastian Haller will be relied upon for goals but is a doubt while RB Salzburg teenager Karim Konate may catch the eye up top.

A midfield trio of Franck Kessie, Seko Fofana and Nottingham Forest's Ibrahim Sangare will be among the most experienced and talented at AFCON.

How to watch AFCON in the UK

17:45 , Marc Mayo

TV channel: In the UK, the game will be televised live on Sky Sports.

Live stream: Subscribers can also catch the contest live online via the Sky Go app.

Ivory Coast vs Guinea-Bissau LIVE!

17:33 , Marc Mayo

It's time for AFCON!

Ivory Coast host this year's tournament and get it underway in Abidjan against Guinea-Bissau.

Kick-off from Alassane Ouattara Stadium comes at 8pm GMT.

Join us for all the build-up, match action and reaction for the opening game of the Africa Cup of Nations 2023!

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)