J-K: Paddy thresher improves efficiency in agriculture, farmers hail Centre, UT administration

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Farmers in Udhampur district are using paddy thresher
Farmers in Udhampur district are using paddy thresher

Udhampur (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], October 6 (ANI): Farmers in Panchari village of Udhampur district in Jammu and Kashmir, hail Centre and Union Territory (UT) for new modern paddy threshers as it saves time and energy.

Speaking to ANI, Sarpanch Sarita Rathore said, with the help of J-K Lieutenant governor Manoj Sinha and the agriculture department, farmers in Panchari village were provided with paddy threshers that are helping saving time and energy of farmers.

"This is the season for the paddy crop and with the effort of LG and Agriculture department, we received thrashers here in the village. All small farmers are very happy with the new paddy technology," she said.

Speaking further Sarita said, with new technology farmers are now saving time and energy. In the traditional method, crops also used to get wasted a lot, now thresher helped saving crop to an extent.

As a sarpanch, "I thank our governor, agriculture department and Veena Badyal. Agriculture department is working for the welfare of the farmers and introducing them to new technology.," the sarpanch said.

"Farmers, especially youngsters who lost interest in farming, are developing interest in farming again due to modern technology. Farming is our culture and I hope, now youngsters will continue it, "

Rai Kumar, Panchari sarpanch also said, "Agriculture department brought thresher machines in the villages as a result, all the farmers are getting benefits, it saves their energy and time. The work that used to take a whole day to complete now it gets over in an hour or two."

Devraj, a farmer from Panchari told, "Earlier the whole family used to involve in the final finishing paddy crop work now with the help of new paddy thrashers only one or two people are sufficient. it saved time at a great level."

Subash Chandra Sharma, agriculture officer in Udhampur said in the Udhampur district farmers are provided with paddy and maize thrashers with 100 per cent subsidiary.

"if we talk about the Udhampur district, under the LG initiative farmers provided with new threshers in 100 per cent subsidiary. 47 thrashers are provided free of cost out of which 30 are paddy and 12 are maize thrashers," Sharma said.

This gave benefits to farmers on an extended level and helped them in saving time and energy. This is another innitivite for them to increase their income," he said. (ANI)

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