Jail for football team captain who headbutted and fractured rival player's nose in friendly match

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SINGAPORE — He was a football coach cum captain of an amateur team during a friendly match when he headbutted the face of a player from the rival team and caused the victim to lose consciousness.

His act was witnessed by the referee for the match.

On Monday (7 September), Nicolas Amet Wen Cai, 31, was jailed four weeks for the attack on Yang Yanhua.

Amet was the captain of FC138 during the match with Ranger United at East Spring Secondary School on 17 February last year when the brawl broke out.

The act resulted in victim Yang, 34, sustaining a fracture to his nose and an eyebrow laceration.

Amet, a Singaporean, pleaded guilty earlier to one count of voluntarily causing hurt to Yang, who is a Chinese national.

Some five minutes before the end of the match, a heated argument broke out between the players from both teams due to a foul from a FC138 player. Players from the two teams began pushing each other in the middle of the field.

Amet, who was in the thick of the confrontation, was initially observed to be trying to protect his teammates by pushing away the players from Ranger United.

The referee, who stood a distance away, told the players to stop fighting from the sidelines to no avail.

The scuffle intensified after a goalkeeper from Ranger United ran towards the group and did a jump-kick towards a player from FC138.

Amet was by this point exchanging swear words and shoves with Yang, and both refused to back down. Amet then head-butted Yang on his face, causing Yang to fall. Yang began bleeding profusely and lost consciousness.

Amet and his teammates quickly fled the football field.

The police were alerted to the brawl involving more than 20 people at the field a short while later and arrived quickly at the scene.

Yang regained consciousness shortly after the police arrived and was conveyed to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. A CT brain scan showed no further injuries and Yang was discharged two days after the incident.

For voluntarily causing hurt, Amet could have been jailed up to two years, or with fine of up to $5,000, or both.

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