Japanese fans pick up trash after the World Cup opener – again

Japanese fans pick up trash after the World Cup opener at the Al Bayt Stadium in Qatar.
Japanese fans wearing their national colours were filmed cleaning up garbage from the stands of the Al Bayt Stadium after the World Cup opener match between hosts Qatar and Ecuador. (Photo: Screenshot from Omar Al-Farooq/Instagram)

Japanese fans won plaudits once again after they were seen collecting trash at the conclusion of the World Cup's opening match between hosts Qatar and Ecuador at the Al Bayt Stadium.

Bahraini influencer Omar Al-Farroq filmed the Japanese fans, dressed in their national colours, going row to row picking plastic bottles, paper cups and food packages after the opener their country wasn't even involved in.

The content creator was heard in the video asking one of the fans, "Why are you doing this?"

"We are Japanese, and we do not leave rubbish behind us, and we respect the place," the fan replied.

The fans also picked up flags tossed by the Qatari and Ecuadorian fans to the ground, saying the two symbols “command respect”.

Al-Farooq remarked that he was shocked to see the kind gesture happening before his eyes.

“This is a thing I heard about, but I never thought it was this real. Wow,” he said. “All respect.”

Al-Farooq's post has gone viral on social media with many hailing the fans' class act.

This is not the first time Japanese fans have displayed their class act at an international event.

Despite Japan losing to Belgium in 2018 World Cup round of 16 four years ago, their dejected fans cleared trash from the stands of the Rostov arena left behind by opposing fans.

In 2014, Japan dropped its World Cup opener 2-1 to Ivory Coast, but that didn’t stop fans from cleaning the stadium before they left.

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