Japanese superduo Yoasobi moved by reactions of fans in Singapore, hope to return and perform at bigger venue

Composer Ayase and vocalist Ikura praised Singapore fans' 'passion' and 'deep love', and talk about their favourite moments from their first performance here.

Japanese superduo Yoasobi, comprising composer Ayase (left) and vocalist Ikura, performed to a sold-out venue in Singapore. (Photo: Poto-Pot)
Japanese superduo Yoasobi, comprising composer Ayase (left) and vocalist Ikura, performed to a sold-out venue in Singapore. (Photo: Poto-Pot)

With it being their first performance in Singapore, it was understandable that Japanese superduo Yoasobi were uncertain about whether they had fans over here before they performed on Thursday (11 Jan).

Yes, it may sound incredulous to the fans themselves, considering how many wear their love for Yoasobi proudly through casual conversations and TikTok videos. Ayase, one-half of the Yoasobi duo, admitted that he was initially sceptical, despite receiving and messages from Singapore fans on social media asking them to perform here.

Speaking to local media on Friday (12 Jan), the 29-year-old composer said, through a translator, “I was receiving many of those messages while I was in Japan, but on one side, I was actually sceptical. You know, do we really have fans in Singapore? I was quite sceptical about it.”

However, his doubts were cleared after their concert on Thursday night, when he saw how receptive the fans were and how warmly they welcomed the duo. Yoasobi performed to a 5,500-strong crowd at Resorts World Ballroom, according to concert organiser Sozo.

Ayase was also moved by how the crowd sang along to their songs the entire set - a sentiment that was echoed by vocalist Ikura. The 23-year-old Ikura said, “They actually sang our songs from the very beginning all up till the end… and I was so moved seeing my fans doing that.”

She added that there were “many moments during the concert where I almost teared” because of the response, and extended her microphone to the audience so it could pick up their voices.

And it is this passion and “deep love” which has left a lasting impression on the duo as Ayase shared that he would draw inspiration from that, should he ever compose a song inspired by Singapore.

He said, “What I felt during the live performance last night is that Singapore fans are very passionate and they have very a deep love towards us. And Singapore is actually a multiracial society, but they have the passion and deep love to head towards the same goal.

“So probably that would be the theme I would infuse into my music if we were to compose a song inspired by Singapore.”

How Yoasobi feel about their rapid fame

For the uninitiated, Yoasobi was formed in 2019 and originally released songs that were inspired by short stories.

Most might recognise them through their debut single Yoru ni Kakeru (Racing into the Night), an upbeat song that explores the theme of suicide. It was released close to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and subsequently went viral on social media platforms like TikTok.

Since then, they have gone on to create an impressive catalogue of songs, some for animes like Beastars, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury, and Oshi no Ko. Though the duo had a meteoric rise in fame from the start with Yoru ni Kakeru, it wasn’t until the pandemic had eased that they really felt the impact.

Ikura shared, “We made our debut towards the end of 2019 and that happened to be the pandemic period. People stayed home most of the time, so did we. I actually couldn’t feel that we were getting famous or popular because we didn’t really get to meet people or go to the outside world, and our activities were mainly online as well. So back then, we didn’t really feel that change in our life.”

However, after the intense pandemic period, when they were able to hold live concerts and saw their songs getting into music rankings in different countries, they’ve slowly become aware of their fame.

For Ayase, he acknowledged that the duo is “moving forward” and “progressing”, but knows that this isn’t the end goal for Yoasobi. He explained, “I don't want to call this the end of our success, like our ultimate success, because once I start feeling that way, that it means that I have already reached the goal. And that is [not] how I’m feeling right now.”

Wants to come back and perform at a bigger venue

Well, the message is clear — Yoasobi’s not resting on their laurels despite their near-instant fame. And for those who didn’t manage to attend their debut concert, the duo are intent on returning again, hopefully with a bigger venue.

Said Ikura, “I thank you (the fans) all very much for the love that you've been giving us and it was because of your love that made our concert in Singapore possible… We definitely want to come back to Singapore again, so please do continue to listen to our music.”

Ayase added, “I was very happy this time to be able to actually see the faces of our fans during the concert in Singapore. And we actually want to continue making music that makes the Singapore fans very excited…

“Please keep listening to our music so that we will be able to come back and perhaps be able to perform in a bigger venue so that we will be able to meet all our fans here in Singapore next time.”

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