Jeep needs help with the Wagoneer S electric vehicle's official name

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Jeep opened up about its continuing electrification plans in September, sharing details on three battery-electric models and one plug-in hybrid coming in the next two years. One of the EVs was called by its codename, Wagoneer S, Chief Design Officer Ralph Gilles saying the "S" stands for "speed, striking, and sexy." Based on a Motor Trend report, we could also say the S stands for "Stumped," because Jeep doesn't have a name for the luxury mid-sizer. Brand president Christian Meunier told the magazine regarding a production name, "We have a few in the basket," but Jeep wants crowdsourced help to choose a handle. This won't be a free-for-all; as Ford did with the 2023 Mustang's new Nite Pony black accent package, Jeep will provide suggestions and direction as part of a contest expected to start in the coming month. With the EV's debut scheduled and reservations opening in early 2023, Meunier wants to crown a winner before the end of this year.

As a reminder of the baby being named, the Wagoneer S is a two-row SUV targeting the likes of the Range Rover Sport. Sized a touch smaller than the latest Grand Cherokee and having more than a passing resemblance to one, its inclusion in the Wagoneer family could possibly be to justify pricing that starts beyond even the current top trim $71,000 Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve. Why have Grand Cherokee buyers balk at the MSRP gap EVs demand when you could have a Wagoneer buyer think, "Hey, that's not bad." Naturally, this means the Wagoneer S will be powered up and kitted out like a luxury EV. In its most potent form, it will come with dual motors making a combined 600 horsepower, good enough to scoot from zero to 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds. Kinder driving is anticipated to return a 400-mile range. Standard four-wheel drive and a terrain management system will tackle chunky portions of any route.

Meunier told MT the concept is effectively the production model, so what you see above is effectively what will come to market. It's all kinds of handsome, but we can't wait to answer our questions about what the sloping hatch does to cargo room. Until then, have a long gander at the renderings and see if the muse proffers the ideal moniker.

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