Jenna Fischer filmed the ‘Mean Girls’ musical with a secret broken shoulder

Jenna Fischer can perform through pain.

The actress revealed she filmed the “Mean Girls” movie musical adaptation with a broken shoulder.

“It was the wildest experience,” she told People, adding that she had injured herself during a ski trip and had to hide it while filming.

“I shot for one day on ‘Mean Girls,’ and then I didn’t have to shoot for a month,” Fischer said. “And in that month I went on a ski trip and I fell on a sidewalk and I broke my shoulder.”

She continued, “So I had to shoot the rest of the movie with a very newly broken shoulder.”

“The Office” star plays Cady’s mom in the musical adaptation, and said if you look closely, she couldn’t move her right arm in the production.

“If you notice in the opening shot of the movie, I’m out in the middle of a field and Cady is singing, and I have a crossbody bag on. And I’m holding my crossbody bag,” she said. “The reason I’m doing that is because I had to take my sling off. That was serving as a sling for me.

“So if you notice in the movie I am exclusively gesturing with my left arm. It was the wildest experience,” she said. “So a big part of my role in Mean Girls was pretending I didn’t have a broken shoulder.”

Fischer added she’s doing better now, one year after the accident.

“I’m still in physical therapy for it. I’m still rehabbing it,” she said. “It’s a complicated injury, as anyone who’s injured their shoulder will tell you.”

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