Jenna Jameson's estranged wife removes split video over mental health concerns

Jenna Jameson's estranged wife is worried about her mental health credit:Bang Showbiz
Jenna Jameson's estranged wife is worried about her mental health credit:Bang Showbiz

Jenna Jameson's estranged wife took down her split announcement video to protect the former adult film star's mental health.

Jessi Lawless announced on TikTok earlier this week she had applied for an annulment because her spouse allegedly lied to her about her alcohol consumption, but she removed the post on Wednesday (17.04.24) and has now explained she did so following a "heart-to-heart" phone call with her partner.

Jessi told TMZ: "I don’t want her mental health impacted any more than it already has been. I love her. This is a very delicate time for us. We’re both heartbroken and trying to find hope for the future."

And despite her previous comments about Jenna drinking during a solo trip to Chicago, she confirmed the 'Limelight' actress is sober.

She added: "She’s told me she’d never drink again, and I can see at this point that she is in fact sober today and plans to remain that way.

"I just wanted her to be safe and healthy."

Although the former hairdresser had said she'd filed for an annulment, she's now said there is "hope" for her and Jenna because they love one another, but wouldn't say if she'd retract the legal submission or not.

In her original video, the 41-year-old influencer explained she had drawn a "hard line" on the adult film actress' alleged drinking from the start of their relationship because it had led to "so many problems" in the 'Cherry Pie' star's life but she felt betrayed after Jenna allegedly hit the bottle during a solo trip to Chicago.

She said: "This is the first time she’s gone to an event without me since we’ve been married. This is the first time she’s been away from me. I’ve been keeping her on the straight and narrow.

“She goes to Chicago, and she starts drinking. And then when I confronted her about it, she was definitely trying to lie about it until I told her … that people have sent me pictures of you with champagne in your hand.

“She admitted it, obviously. I didn’t even really have the pictures, I just told her I did. I knew she was drinking...

“She told me point-blank, ‘I’m not sorry. I don’t feel sorry.' "

A spokesperson for Jenna - who was previously married to Brad Armstrong and Jay Grdina - said she didn't want to discuss the "specifics of her marriage at this time.

However, her representative told the New York Post newspaper: “Research has shown that empathy and understanding are better responses to addiction than judgement, shaming, and moralising.

“Expressing your unconditional love and support may be one of the kindest things you can do. Let them know that you are there for them—relapse or not, ten days sober or 200.

“Unfortunately, in the past, due to cultural attitudes surrounding addiction, tactics such as shaming, humiliating, shouting and ‘attack therapy’ were commonplace.

“Currently, rehab centres recognise this approach would constitute malpractice and would have no place in the delicate process of treatment. It is much more likely that clients will experience greater success when empathy is placed at the forefront of the client care process."