Jenna Ortega shocks fans by departing hit Netflix series

A new trailer and cast list for a forthcoming Netflix project is missing Jenna Ortega, one of its main cast members.

This May, the streaming service will unveil – and also remove – a large selection of new movies and TV shows, including the return of one of its most-watched titles.

But Jurassic Park fans are particularly excited for Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, the animated sequel series to Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, which ran for five seasons from 2020 to 2022.

Wednesday star Ortega, whose new film Miller’s Girl is attracting controversy, voiced character Brooklynn in the original series alongside Paul-Mikél Williams, Sean Giambrone, Kausar Mohammed and Raini Rodriguez, who are all returning for follow-up, Chaos Theory.

However, Ortega’s character appears to be killed off in the first 10 seconds of the trailer – and it has since been confirmed that her character Brooklynn will not be returning. The only other star who won’t reprise their role is Ryan Potter, whose character Kenji will instead be voiced by Darren Barnet.

Fans were left stunned by the trailer’s revelation, with one person calling it “crazy” and another “devastating”. Others on X/Twitter are theorising that the trailer is attempting to dupe fans into believing Brooklynn is dead, and that the character will return in the season’s final episodes.

The reason for Ortega’s absence from the series could be attributed to the star’s rise in stature in recent years, which may have led to scheduling conflicts.

As well as starring and producing Wednesday, which became a huge hit for Netflix when it was released in 2021, Ortega starred in the fifth and sixth Scream films and has roles in six forthcoming projects, including Tim Burton’s long-awaited Beetlejuice sequel.

Jenna Ortega leaves Netflix project (Getty Images)
Jenna Ortega leaves Netflix project (Getty Images)

Ortega, who hosted her own Saturday Night Live episode in 2023, is currently filming Wednesday season two, which is expected to be released in 2024. The 20-year-old actor will also star alongside Martin Freeman, in Miller’s Girl, which has attracted controversy due to her age gap with the 52-year-old star, with whom she has romantic scenes.

The film follows a university student, who embarks on a complicated and inappropriate love affair with her English professor.

Responding to the strong online reaction in a recent interview with The Times, Freeman insisted the movie is “grown-up and nuanced. It’s not saying, ‘Isn’t this great?’”

He called the backlash the film received after the trailer was released “ a shame”, adding: “Are gonna have a go at Liam Neeson for being in a film about the Holocaust?” Neeson led the 1993 war drama Schindler’s List.

Ortega is currently filming Wednesday season two, which is expected to be released in 2024.

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