Jennifer Connelly wants to go back to college

Jennifer Connelly dreams of going back to college credit:Bang Showbiz
Jennifer Connelly dreams of going back to college credit:Bang Showbiz

Jennifer Connelly wants to go back to college to finish her education - three decades after dropping out to become a full-time actor.

The 53-year-old dabbled with modelling and acting as a child but headed off to Yale University in 1988 to study English before transferring to Stanford University after two years to learn drama but she ended up dropping out to chase her dreams in Hollywood - but she still wants to return to her studies decades later.

She told the Guardian newspaper: "Of all the things that I go back and say, ‘Oh, I wish I had done that,’ I wish I’d finished college. I’ve thought, in fits and starts, about going back."

However, Jennifer can't decide what she would want to study admitting she's interested in American history as well as science and medicine.

She added: "I guess I stopped studying so young that I hadn’t quite figured it out,” she says. “I was still at the point where I was interested in so many different things.”

Jennifer explained she feels fulfilled by her acting career and believes that's the reason she never followed through with any of her college applications.

She went on: "Doing what we do you get to peer into different worlds of these different characters, albeit in a kind of superficial, limited way. I think that’s part of why I’ve never followed through with college applications that I’ve started."

Jennifer has previously admitted her decision to go to college stemmed from a reaction to being labelled "beautiful" as a young movie star.

She told Glamour magazine: "It's uncomfortable to talk about - there's no way to come off right! If you say you are beautiful, you sound obnoxious and if you deny it, doesn't that sound obnoxious?

"It became important to me not to be about that, so when I went to college, I was in the 24-hour law school library all the time. I didn't go on any dates. I didn't have any friends. I didn't go to any parties.

"I went through my plaid-shirt-and-combat-boots stage - I didn't want to give any of my sexuality and femininity away or let anyone have it or see it. I think I'm more comfortable now because I'm more in control of how my looks are presented."