“What Jennifer Did”: Where Is Jennifer Pan Now After Her 2010 Plot to Kill Parents?

Jennifer Pan's plot to murder her parents is the subject of a 2024 Netflix documentary

<p>Netflix</p> Jennifer Pan in


Jennifer Pan in 'What Jennifer Did'.

Jennifer Pan was at the center of a murder plot — and of a tangled web of lies — after she hired hitmen to kill her parents in 2010.

Pan is now the subject of the Netflix documentary What Jennifer Did which includes footage from the night of the attack and her lengthy interrogation sessions. A daughter of refugees who moved from Vietnam to Canada in hopes of a better life, Jennifer's father, Huei Hann Pan, and mother, Bich Ha Pan, pressured her from a young age to excel academically, as well as in music and figure skating, according to Toronto Life.

When she was in high school, Jennifer earned average grades instead of the straight As her parents expected of her, so she grew adept at keeping secrets. Barred from dating until after high school, she not only hid her grades from her parents, but she also kept her romance with on-again-off-again boyfriend Daniel Wong hidden from her family.

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Jennifer's deceit ran deep: She went from altering her report cards to even fabricating enrollment at a prestigious Toronto university, all in an effort to keep her romance with Wong a secret from her overbearing parents. After Jennifer's secrets unraveled, so did her relationships with Hann and Bich, as well as Wong, whom her parents prohibited her from seeing.

In 2010, Jennifer hired three hitmen to kill her parents — Bich died in the attack but Hann survived his injuries. The resulting interrogations led investigators to realize Jennifer's plot.

What Jennifer Did examines the lies Jennifer told her family to be able to pursue her relationship with Wong, as well as the extreme and horrific actions she took to escape from the tight grip they held on her young adult life.

Here is everything to know about what crimes Jennifer Pan committed and where she is now.

Who is Jennifer Pan?

<p>Netflix</p> Jennifer Pan in 'What Jennifer Did'.


Jennifer Pan in 'What Jennifer Did'.

At the time of her crimes, Jennifer was a young woman living in the Greater Toronto Area struggling under what she later described as intensely oppressive parenting.

Hann and Bich were strict and monitored not just Jennifer's academic performance, but also her extracurricular activities and social life. Hann allegedly prohibited Jennifer from dating until after she graduated and forbade her from going to parties or school dances.

Jennifer met Wong in high school and they began dating in 2003. Because of her upbringing, which a friend of Jennifer's described to Toronto Life as "absolutely controlling," the pair had to keep their on-again-off-again relationship a secret from her family — especially because Wong was reportedly a known marijuana dealer in her area.

According to Jennifer, Hann and Bich put a tremendous amount of pressure on her to excel academically, and she feared disappointing them. Though she got mostly Bs in high school, Jennifer doctored her report cards to show that she was a straight-A student — and that was just the beginning of her deceit.

Eventually, she falsified her own high school diploma when she failed calculus and couldn't graduate. Jennifer also doctored an acceptance letter from Ryerson University (now Toronto Metropolitan University).

The teenager committed to the ruse, using second-hand textbooks and filling notebooks with details that made it appear she'd been in classes. In actuality, she worked as a server in a restaurant and taught piano lessons — her parents only knew about the latter job.

After two years of feigning studies at Ryerson, she told her parents she'd been accepted into the University of Toronto's pharmacology program and convinced them to let her live with one of her female friends for three nights a week to cut down on her commuting time. However, she was actually staying at Wong's house with his family.

<p>Courtesy of Netflix</p> Jennifer Pan in 'What Jennifer Did'.

Courtesy of Netflix

Jennifer Pan in 'What Jennifer Did'.

Her lies began to unravel when she told her parents she was volunteering at a hospital blood testing lab. Hann grew suspicious when he noticed Jennifer didn't have a badge or uniform and allegedly had Bich follow her to the hospital one morning.

Jennifer claimed that after her parents found out about this lie they called the friend that she said she'd been staying with, who told them Jennifer hadn't been staying there. She then confessed that she had never enrolled at the University of Toronto, had not volunteered at the hospital and that she was staying with Wong.

According to Toronto Life, Hann first wanted to kick Jennifer out, but Bich convinced him to let her stay. While she was under their roof, Jennifer, then 22, wrote on Facebook that it was like living "under house arrest."

Hann and Bich allegedly made her quit all of her jobs besides teaching piano and monitored the odometer on her car. Jennifer said they confiscated her phone and laptop for two weeks, and when they returned her devices, monitored her messages and emails, and prohibited her from seeing Wong.

Jennifer's parents eventually granted her enough freedom to take a calculus course, but she'd often sneak out to see Wong, per Jennifer's statements to the police. When they caught her sneaking out one night, Jennifer said they once again demanded she cut off contact with Wong entirely.

What did Jennifer Pan do?

<p>Netflix</p> 'What Jennifer Did'.


'What Jennifer Did'.

In the spring of 2010, Jennifer met with a school friend, Andrew Montemayor, who then introduced her to Ricardo Duncan. Per the Toronto Star, Jennifer said she paid Duncan $1,500 to murder her father at his workplace. Duncan denied the allegations and said that although Jennifer asked, he never agreed to kill Hann.

After Duncan's refusal, Jennifer and Wong allegedly plotted to kill both of her parents for her $500,000 share of their estate. Wong gave Jennifer a burner phone and connected her with Lenford Crawford, who agreed to kill her parents for $10,000 — half what he said was the usual rate for a contract killing because she was Wong's friend.

Crawford reportedly visited the Pans' neighborhood on Halloween night, and text messages between Crawford, Jennifer and Wong showed them scheduling the hit for Nov. 8, 2010. That night, Crawford's friend David Mylvaganam called Jennifer at 9:35 p.m. allegedly prompting Jennifer to go downstairs and unlock the front door (which Jennifer later admitted to and then denied doing).

At 10:05 p.m., Mylvaganam and two other men, all armed with guns, entered the property through the front door. One of the men pointed a gun at Bich, who was in the living room, while another went upstairs into the master bedroom, put a gun to Hann's head and forced him downstairs into the living room. At the time of the attack, Jennifer's brother, Felix, was studying at McMaster University and wasn't home. The intruders demanded money from Hann, who said he only had $60 in his wallet.

<p>Netflix</p> Jennifer Pan in 'What Jennifer Did'.


Jennifer Pan in 'What Jennifer Did'.

The men took Jennifer's parents to the basement, covered their heads with blankets and shot Hann in the shoulder and face and Bich in the head three times, killing her instantly. According to the Toronto Star, the intruders left with Eric Carty driving them away.

It's unknown who out of the three intruders actually fired the gunshots that killed Bich and injured Hann. The trio left with around $2,000 in cash from the house. Wong and Crawford were not present at the crime, CBC reported from the resulting trial.

Despite later saying she had her hands tied behind her back, Jennifer dialed 911 and was speaking to a dispatcher when Hann emerged from the basement screaming. He went outside, where a neighbor spotted him and also called 911.

Did Jennifer Pan's father survive?

Jennifer's dad, Hann, survived the shooting but sustained severe injuries. Toronto Life reported that he had a shattered neck bone and that one of the bullets grazed his carotid artery.

Doctors were reportedly unable to remove some of the bullet fragments from his face, and a bone near his eye was also broken.

How did Jennifer Pan get caught?

<p>Netflix</p> Jennifer Pan in 'What Jennifer Did'.


Jennifer Pan in 'What Jennifer Did'.

After interviewing Jennifer twice, police noticed several parts of Jennifer's story didn't add up. She told investigators that she'd been tied up with her hands behind her back, leading them to question how she was able to both access and use her phone, which she said was in the waistband of her pants. Authorities also questioned why, if the motive of the intruders was a robbery, they didn't take one of the Pans' luxury cars, as the keys to one of the vehicles were readily accessible.

Investigators got their biggest break in the case when Hann woke up from a medically-induced coma on Nov. 12, 2010. He told police that he witnessed the intruders speaking in a friendly manner with Jennifer and that she was not bound in any way at the time of the robbery.

Ten days after Hann woke up, investigators interviewed Jennifer for a third time, telling her they knew she was involved in the robbery and shootings. The Markham Economist & Sun reported that Jennifer told Det. William Goetz that the robbery and murder were a suicide attempt gone wrong and that she'd paid the intruders $2,000 to kill her, but that they'd killed her mother and shot her father instead.

The investigators arrested Jennifer after the Nov. 22, 2010 interrogation, and by the spring of 2011, the rest of the suspects involved in the robbery and shootings — Wong, Crawford, Mylvaganam and Carty — were also arrested and charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

During the trial, prosecutors used text messages, including more than 100 sent in the hours just before the murder, to show how Jennifer and the group orchestrated the killing, The Toronto Star reported. One text from just before the intruders entered read, "game time."

Hann testified against his daughter along with more than 50 other witnesses on both sides. Jennifer, Wong, Crawford, Mylvaganam and Carty were found guilty on all counts on Dec. 13, 2014.

What was Jennifer Pan's sentence?

<p>Netflix</p> Jennifer Pan in 'What Jennifer Did'.


Jennifer Pan in 'What Jennifer Did'.

In 2015, Jennifer was sentenced to two terms of life in prison with no parole for 25 years — one for her mother's murder and one for the attempted murder of her father, the Toronto Star reported. Hann and Jennifer's brother, Felix, also obtained restraining orders against Jennifer prohibiting her from contacting them ever again.

Crawford, Mylvaganam and Wong all received the same sentence as Jennifer. Carty's attorney in the original trial fell ill, and his case was declared a mistrial, The Markham Economist & Sun reported. He later pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit murder and was sentenced to 18 years in prison. He died in his cell in April 2018.

Jennifer and her three surviving co-conspirators were granted an appeal for their first-degree murder charges in May 2023. The CBC reported that the Court of Appeal for Ontario found that the original trial judge made an error in not giving the jury verdict options for second-degree murder and manslaughter in the case. The court upheld all of the group's other convictions.

When will Jennifer Pan be released?

Depending on whether her appeal impacts her sentence, Jennifer will be eligible for parole around 2040.

Where is Jennifer Pan now?

Jennifer is currently serving her sentence at the Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener, Ontario. Her co-conspirators also remain incarcerated.

Fourteen years after the deadly attack, the Pan murder case, including footage of Jennifer's interrogations and interviews with the investigators who got her to confess, was featured in Netflix's April 2024 documentary What Jennifer Did.

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