Jennifer Lopez Talks Posting Makeup-Free Videos on Social Media: 'This Is Me Too' (Exclusive)

The JLo Beauty founder shares why she posts without makeup on, and the sources of her confidence

<p>Courtesy JLo Beauty</p> Jennifer Lopez

Courtesy JLo Beauty

Jennifer Lopez

By all accounts, Jennifer Lopez had the best summer ever.

The multi-hyphenate star dropped a new song to commemorate her Las Vegas wedding anniversary to Ben Affleck, then she rang in her 54th birthday by — what else?  — dancing atop a table.

She also posted a now viral GRWM video in which she showed off her natural glow before applying JLo Beauty MVPs, which drew countless positive comments from fans.

During a chat with PEOPLE to celebrate the launch of her latest JLo Beauty product — Beso Balm Ultra-Hydrating Lip Mask ($19) — Lopez opened up about appearing bare-faced on social media and what makes her feel most comfortable in her skin. 

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

“When I go makeup-free in my videos, it is really about letting people know that it's OK,” Lopez shares.

“I love being fully made up and looking glamorous and being kind of the JLo that everybody knows in movies and videos and all that kind of stuff. But there's also just you with no makeup on and without all of the embellishments that is just as beautiful.”

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Lopez notes that she makes it a point to be super-clear with her audience about what she’s posting — and why. “Sometimes I'll write, ‘There's no filter and there's no lighting on this. This is just me in my bathroom.’”

She continues, “I know I don't look how you're used to me looking, but this is me too, and I love this side of me. You don't need all of that stuff all the time."

<p>courtesy Jlo beauty</p> JLo Beauty Beso Balm Ultra-Hydrating Lip Mask

courtesy Jlo beauty

JLo Beauty Beso Balm Ultra-Hydrating Lip Mask

Lopez says that “being able to embrace” herself with no makeup on gives her "more confidence.”

"It makes me feel better about myself, and makes me feel like I don't have to hide.” Lopez says she never wants to feel like “I can’t go out of the house if my hair's not perfectly done and I don't have my lashes on. That's not who I want to be. I'm a real person.”

“That doesn't mean I don't love the glamour, I do. But I also love the girl that's at home with no makeup and a bun and sweats on and looks like she just woke up.”

<p>Courtesy JLo Beauty</p> JLo Beauty Day + Night Serum Duo

Courtesy JLo Beauty

JLo Beauty Day + Night Serum Duo

Lopez encourages everyone else “to be the real them too” and shares some of the things that help her feel good about herself.

“I always feel like it's a thing that comes from inside and I feel most confident and comfortable around my family, around my friends who I know care about me, when I am being diligent with my self-care and with skincare routine, and when I’m working out. I feel really good when I'm living in a really healthy way.”

“That's when I feel most confident and comfortable, when I'm living in a way that I'm proud of, that gives me self-esteem. That gives you self-esteem when you do esteemable things. And so that's when I feel the best about myself.”

<p>Courtesy JLo Beauty</p> JLo Beauty Best of JLo Beauty Trio

Courtesy JLo Beauty

JLo Beauty Best of JLo Beauty Trio

Through JLo Beauty, Lopez hopes help others feel like their best selves. “There's nothing more powerful than a woman who knows who she is and owns it. I mean, we've all got hangups, we've all made mistakes, but those imperfections are what make us beautifully one of a kind. So that for me is really what it's about, and all of what JLo Beauty's based on: beauty from the inside out, self-love, self-care.”

And this holiday season she’s launching six gift sets — two of which will include the new balm — to help in that arena.

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<p>Courtesy JLo Beauty</p> JLo Beauty Glow + Go Holiday Set

Courtesy JLo Beauty

JLo Beauty Glow + Go Holiday Set

Lopez’s Day + Night Serum Duo ($56) spotlights her hero serums, That Overnight Hustle and That JLo Glow, in mini sizes.

Up next is her Best of JLo Beauty Trio ($56) which features minis of her That Hit Single Cleanser, That JLo Glow Serum and her Firm + Flaunt Targeted Booty Balm.

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Lopez’s Glow + Go Holiday Set ($99) includes five mini size products and a few free gifts: two of That Limitless Glow Sheet Masks and a headband.

And last but certainly not least, the Ultimate Gift Set ($160) has nine mini size skin and body care essentials, plus the aforementioned gifts.

<p>Courtesy JLo Beauty</p> JLo Beauty Ultimate Gift Set

Courtesy JLo Beauty

JLo Beauty Ultimate Gift Set

The latter two sets can be set up as a subscription (which costs less than a one-off purchase), which is especially helpful if, like Lopez, you have loved ones taking products from your stash.

“The kids are now coming into my bathroom all the time to grab things. They say, ‘Did you know that we stole this lipstick? Or do you know that we stole that pencil?’ And I’m like, ‘No, I didn't even notice.’ So they're loving all of that stuff right now, and I love it.”

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