Jeremy Clarkson worried about his hair when plane fell from the sky

A lightning bolt had struck the aircraft.

BAHRAIN, BAHRAIN - MARCH 2: Jeremy Clarkson on the grid during the F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain at Bahrain International Circuit on March 2, 2024 in Bahrain, Bahrain. (Photo by Qian Jun/MB Media/Getty Images)
Jeremy Clarkson pictured at the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix. (Qian Jun/MB Media/Getty Images)

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed exactly what was going through his mind when a plane he was travelling on got struck by lightning.

Star of Prime Video hit series The Grand Tour and Clarkson's Farm, his latest column for The Sun detailed how the Russian aircraft's antiquated appliances distracted him from a truly horrifying situation.

"Many people will be wondering how they would react to severe turbulence. Well, I've been there, so I already know," wrote Clarkson, who claimed the Angolan Air Force had taken the plane in question off Russia's hands before a "ramshackle airline in Cuba" bought it.

"We were flying into Havana when it was struck by lightning. This caused it to turn upside down and start plummeting towards Earth."

Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper have a big bet on this series of Clarkson's Farm. (Amazon Prime)
The TV presenter having a laugh with Clarkson's Farm favourite Kaleb Cooper. (Amazon Prime)

Apparently, the feeling of impending death was then mixed with severe irritation, as Clarkson went on to further recall: "Instead of air vents, there were little Pifco-style fans above each seat and, as the plane turned over, my hair got caught in the blades.

"So that's what I was thinking as the engines screamed and the pilot tried to regain control: 'This is really annoying.'"

This comes after the TV presenter was reduced to tears when he won a big case against the council on Clarkson's Farm. "This is the biggest f*** you to the council ever," he declared.

Season 3 got off to a disastrous start as the council closed down his restaurant and threatened to do the same to the shop. Fast-forward to the end of the season and Clarkson's luck had changed, with an email coming in stating that Diddly Squat Farm had been granted permission to have both the restaurant and the cafe, as well as car parking and its shop and toilets.