Jeremy Renner kept falling asleep after returning to TV work

Jeremy Renner kept falling asleep when he returned to shoot the ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ after his near-fatal snowplough accident.

‘The Hurt Locker’ actor, 53, suffered 38 shattered bones and severe chest trauma including a collapsed lung in January 2023 when he was run over by his snowcat machine, and has now opened up about the hardships he faced getting back to work on the Paramount+ show this January.

Jeremy, who plays power broker Mike McLusky in a fictional Michigan city, told the LA Times how he nodded off when he returned to the set to make its third series.

He said: “They go, ‘And action!’ And I was out. We realised they worked me too hard, too many hours, too many days in a row.

“What I’m willing to do is everything, but what I’m able to do is a different thing.”

Jeremy added producers accommodated him by modifying filming schedules, because jet lag is now exceedingly hard on his body.

Instead of flying back and forth to California, the actor stayed in Pittsburgh throughout most of the shooting process.

He added: “They have to treat me like I’m a child actor. The Mayor of Kingstown is now like a 14-year-old.”

Despite suffering other huge traumas as a result of his accident a year ago – including an eye that bulged out of his skull – Jeremy insisted it sparked unexpected benefits.

He says he now has a photographic memory, which he uses to remember his lines.

Jeremy said: “The eyeball that came out of my head? I have better vision in that eye than the other eye.

“I think I’m getting bionic.”

Jeremy posted regular updates for fans from his hospital bed as he recovered from his horror accident that showed his gruelling recovery, which included intensive physiotherapy.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ season three is set for release on 2 June.