Jeremy Renner's 'Mayor of Kingstown' poster altered after snowplow accident

A poster for Jeremy Renner's Mayor of Kingstown has been changed after his nearly fatal accident.
A poster for Jeremy Renner's Mayor of Kingstown has been changed after his nearly fatal accident. (Photo: Reuters)

Marketing images for Jeremy Renner's Paramount+ series Mayor of Kingstown have been changed following the actor's terrifying snowplow accident. Yahoo Entertainment can confirm the network adjusted key art promoting the show's second season out of respect for Renner and his recovery. The move comes as the newly released 911 call from the scene of the incident makes it clear the actor is lucky to be alive.

Originally, the Mayor of Kingstown poster showed Renner's face bloody and battered. However, the actor's appearance was cleaned up following the Jan. 1 accident as some of the markings were eerily similar. Renner shared a photo from his hospital bed earlier this month of his injured face.

"It's good of the network," co-creator Hugh Dillon told The Hollywood Reporter. "Everybody is sensitive to Jeremy."

Renner, 52, was accidentally run over by his PistenBully snowplow, or snowcat, while clearing snow near his Reno, Nev. home. The machinery weighed more than 14,000 pounds, according to investigators. NBC News obtained partially redacted audio of a neighbor's call for help.

"Someone's in front of my house on the ground. He got run over by a snowcat. He's been crushed," the unidentified man said. Renner is heard moaning in pain in the background. The neighbor told the operator there's "a lot of blood."

"Are there any obvious injuries?" the 911 dispatcher asked.

"Oh my God, yes," the man replied. "He says he's got ribs issues... his right side... his right chest and upper-upper torso. His ribs look like they might be crushed. He's got a head wound as well."

After 10 minutes, the neighbor called back and is heard pleading with the dispatcher to hurry first responders as Renner's "breaths are getting shorter." The man was also heard comforting Renner: "You're going to be alright, brother... we'll get you out of here."

The neighbor noted Renner was conscious, but in "a lot of pain" and taking "shallow breaths."

"We got him covered in blankets. His head's covered," the man told the operator, before telling Renner: "Don't be drifting off."

It took 22 minutes for emergency services to arrive due to snowy conditions. The Marvel star was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition. He underwent multiple surgeries after suffering blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries.

Renner shared a positive health update on Monday as he revealed he was discharged from the hospital. The actor tweeted that, although he was experiencing "brain fog," he was able to screen the new episode of Mayor of Kingstown at home with his family.

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