Jeremy Tepper, SiriusXM’s ‘Outlaw Country’ Program Director, Dies at 60

Jeremy Tepper, musician, journalist and program director of SiriusXM’s “Outlaw Country,” died on Friday of a heart attack. He was 60 years old.

His death was announced by SiriusXM on social media Saturday. “Jeremy Tepper, a beloved member of SiriusXM, profoundly influenced us with his unwavering dedication to music and innovative spirit. His contributions, in shaping ‘Outlaw Country’ and ‘Willie’s Roadhouse,’ are beyond measure. Our thoughts are with his loved ones during this time,” the broadcasting corporation wrote.

Tepper, who grew up in New York, was the frontman for the World Famous Blue Jays. He founded the band with his songwriting partner Jay Sherman-Godfrey in the 1980s. The group established Diesel Only Records in 1990 and released records from similar bands throughout the decade. They also built a jukebox distribution channel that included truck stops and diners around the U.S.

He also worked as a music journalist and was an editor of the Journal of Country Music and a country music critic for Pulse! Magazine.

Tepper was most known for his work on the SiriusXM production, “Outlaw Country.” He first joined SiriusXM as an on-air personality in 2001, and took on the title of format manager three years later. He spent the next two decades working with the company.

Tepper is survived by his wife, Laura Cantrell, and their daughter Bella.

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