Jerrod Carmichael calls Taylor Swift his ‘best friend.’ She probably doesn’t

Jerrod Carmichael says Taylor Swift is his best friend now that she once invited him on her private jet to a Kansas City Chiefs football game.

The comic, who stars in the new HBO original comedy docuseries “Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show,” told Jimmy Kimmel that Swift is smart, interesting and is now his closest pal.

Kimmel flashed a picture of Carmichael talking with Swift in January, while the two were at an NFL game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills.

“Taylor Swift’s my best friend,” Carmichael repeated. “Like, I’m not her best friend, but she’s my best friend.”

He continued, laughing, “Can you think of a better friend to have than Taylor Swift? I called my former best friend and I was like, ‘You’re out. Taylor’s in. You never invited me on a jet to your game.’”

Carmichael added that he should have asked Swift to appear on his new docuseries, a reality show featuring conversations with Carmichael and his loved ones.

The comedian even suggested headlines for the stories that would inevitably follow his “annoucement” on Swift.

“I won’t even get top-billing! It’ll say: ‘Taylor Swift: Jerrod Carmichael’s Best Friend?’ Don’t do that to me, it’s gotta be something else,” he joked. “I do love her though.”

“The Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show” debuts on March 29 on HBO and Max, which like CNN are part of Warner Bros. Discovery.

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