Jerrod Carmichael shares update on Tyler, the Creator relationship after declaring love for him

Jerrod Carmichael has praised Tyler, the Creator for being open to discussing his unrequited love for the rapper on camera, saying “he was down for something chaotic”.

The stand-up comedian, 36, has just launched an unconventional HBO documentary series called Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show.

In the first episode, he explores the awkward situation that developed in his personal life after he developed a crush on his best friend, rapper Tyler, the Creator, 33.

In a stand-up performance filmed for the premiere episode, Carmichael says: “I fell in love with my best friend. 1 out of 10, don’t recommend.”

He continues: “I knew I had to tell him. Things started getting kind of weird between us. I had these feelings… So I texted him. I remember saying, ‘I know you didn’t ask for this, but somewhere down the line I developed feelings for you and I don’t know what to do with that.’ Then I immediately turned my phone off and went into therapy.”

He adds that his therapist was “thrilled” about the development. “He was so excited!” says Carmichael. “He was like, ‘Man, this s*** never happens in real time.’”

Jerrod Carmichael (left) and Tyler, the Creator (Getty)
Jerrod Carmichael (left) and Tyler, the Creator (Getty)

Carmichael also revealed Tyler’s response, saying: “He sent me a voice note. I was so nervous. It was like six seconds… He said, ‘Hahahaha, you stupid b****.’ And I don’t really know what that means.”

Later in the episode, Carmichael adds: “It’s embarrassing, a little bit, and obviously, there’s the feat of it being so totally unrequited.”

Nevertheless, the comedian then decides to invite Tyler as his date to the Emmys, where he was nominated for his special, Rothaniel. Tyler eventually turns him down, writing in a text: “Dammmm, I shoot all day. Thanks, tho, that is lit.”

The episode concludes with Carmichael and Tyler sitting down to have a conversation about the awkwardness that had developed in their friendship.

“It’s because I told you I had feelings for you, and we didn’t talk about it, ever,” Carmichael said. “That was, like, weird. I don’t know if it was just too awkward to talk about or just too… I don’t know. I feel like you left me hanging out there a little bit.”

The rapper says he can’t remember how he responded to Carmichael’s initial message, to which the comedian responds: “You laughed and called me a stupid b****.”

“I did,” Tyler replies. “Yeah. I did. And I think I just, like, brushed it off. Getting news like that and then avoiding it is a way to avoid change.”

The rapper added that Carmichael’s confession was “a lot to download,” saying: “I still don’t know how to respond.” He went on to express regret about the lack of contact between them, explaining that he considers the comedian family. “When you told me that, I’m like, ‘Nah, I don’t know. Not like that. That’s like a brother. That man’s like family. Like true family. Like a true brother.’”

In a new interview with Esquire, Carmichael praised Tyler for agreeing to be interviewed on camera about the subject. “I think that conversation is so wild and important, and I mostly have gratitude to him for doing it,” said the comedian. “It’s a conversation that’s never happened before on TV, and he knows that I’m insane, I guess, so he was down for something chaotic.”

As for the state of their relationship in the wake of it, Carmichael added: “Yeah, I don’t know. I think we’re okay. I’m in New York now, so I don’t see him that often, but still admire him and love him, and his friendship meant so much to me, and he inspired me so much. I think every conversation in the show has made the relationship better, at least more honest. But I think we’re good.”