Jess Glynne had 'a lot of therapy'

Jess Glynne covers Head Above the Clouds credit:Bang Showbiz
Jess Glynne covers Head Above the Clouds credit:Bang Showbiz

Jess Glynne has had “a lot of therapy”.

The 34-year-old singer can find it tough being in the public eye and the criticism that can come with it, but that has taught her a lot about herself and the changes she needed to make for a better way of living.

She told Head Above the Clouds magazine: “You can't make a mistake without the whole world jumping down your throat.

“But then those moments that are really tough to teach you. How do I want to be in the public eye? How do I want to present myself, and how do I want to interact with my fans and the world?

“There's been so many elements that I've had to juggle with. I think I'm actually in the best place I've been now but that's after doing a lot of therapy and having a lot of changes put in place.

“I had a really tragic loss in my life that sent me back again.

“But from that loss, I've done a lot of work. There are so many different elements. But the public eye and being in the spotlight constantly definitely make it harder to find the balance but then again, it's a beautiful thing, at the same time, when people are celebrating you.”

The ‘Hold My Hand’ hitmaker loves her job but finds fame the hardest thing to deal with.

She said of her career: “There are so many elements, there's such an incredible part to it, the excitement, the payoff, living and breathing and doing, what it is you've always dreamt of doing.

“The fame side of it, for me, has always been the hardest part especially being a woman with all eyes on you, judging.”

And Jess has learned to understand the importance of setting boundaries for herself.

She said: “Boundaries are massively important. I've definitely put that in place in a lot of areas, with my work, and with my personal life.

“I think finding the confidence in yourself to know that that's alright, as well. I know, for myself, I worry about how people judge you or react to certain decisions that you would make.

“For me, it's about finding what's important to me, and owning those decisions and owning those moments and keeping those boundaries.”

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