Jesse Tyler Ferguson Explains Why He And His Husband Don't Want More Kids

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband, Justin Mikita, may be the proud fathers of two ― but, if the “Modern Family” actor has his way, the couple’s days of procreating are officially over.

In a Wednesday appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” Ferguson explained why he has no desire to continue growing his family after welcoming a second son, Sullivan Louis, in November of last year.

“When I had the baby on ‘Modern Family’ ... they get fussy and then, like, three people come and swoop the baby away, and a second baby comes,” the five-time Emmy nominee said. “That doesn’t happen in real life. No one swoops in and brings you a second, non-fussy baby. I found that out really fast.”

Watch Ferguson’s appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” below.

Ferguson and Mikita, a lawyer and theater producer, also share a 2-year-old son, Beckett Mercer.

Elsewhere in the interview, Ferguson explained how he and his husband were staying focused on their two children.

“We’re busy,” he said. “Beckett’s potty training right now … but that’s going good. He’s so interesting, he has so many interests and he’s funny. And [Sullivan] is sort of just like, you know, babies are blobs and they don’t really do a lot, and so I think we’re all kind of like waiting … like ‘tick-tock, we’re ready to have fun with you.’”

A five-time Emmy nominee, Ferguson has stayed in the spotlight with a number of high-profile acting projects since the 2020 conclusion of “Modern Family” after 11 seasons.

Last year, he won a Tony Award for his portrayal of Mason Marzac in the Broadway revival of “Take Me Out,” which also starred Jesse Williams. And in February, he appeared on the big screen alongside Keri Russell and Ray Liotta in the horror comedy “Cocaine Bear.”