Jessica Alba Hyped to Bust Out ‘Dark Angel’ Stunt Skills for Netflix’s ‘Trigger Warning’ | Video

Jessica Alba is back in her first movie in five years with the Netflix straight-to-streaming film “Trigger Warning.” Alba felt “empowered” while deploying some of the skills she picked up during her years on the 2000-02 sci-fi Fox action series “Dark Angel,” she told CBR.

Though the show only filmed two seasons, Alba said her time as government military facility escapee Max was “incredibly impactful.” She continued, “I mean, that was the first big role that I ever had, and it really laid the foundation for me. As far as doing action, it was fun. I felt very empowered, and I feel like I haven’t been able to really use those skill sets that I developed so early in my career until now.”

“I mean, this is really the first movie I get to use all that hand-to-hand combating and … really infuse all of that,” Alba added. “And then I got to learn knife fighting, which I’ve never done.”

“Trigger Warning” is streaming on Netflix. Though Alba is a standout, reviewer Elizabeth Weitzman writes for TheWrap that the movie “seems like it was as much of a slog to make as it is to watch.”

“Dark Angel” was created by James Cameron and Charles H. Eglee. Alba starred as Max Guevara, a genetically enhanced soldier who escaped from an underground military facility as a child. Max spent significant time searching for her brothers and sisters from the facility while she also evaded being recaptured by the authorities. The show took place in the then medium-far future of 2019, following a disaster that took place in 2009.

Though the “Dark Angel” series premiere was watched by 17.4 million viewers, the first season averaged under 10 million viewers an episode with a per-episode budget of $1.3 million, high for the time. Fox renewed the series for a second season, but falling viewership coupled with overwhelming expenses proved too much of a hurdle for it to come back for a third.

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