Jessica Alba 'spent months preparing for Trigger Warning'

Jessica Alba spent "a few months" training for her role in 'Trigger Warning'.

The 43-year-old actress returned to the movie business to star in the new action thriller film, and Jessica has now revealed how she prepared for her role.

The brunette beauty - whose previous film, 'Killers Anonymous', was released back in 2019 - told 'Extra': "I would say [the training] was very humbling in the beginning. Just, like, moving around and learning choreography. And then I worked with many different knives.

"Just learning how to do hand-to-hand combat and fight with knives and I'm so literal.

"I’m like, ‘Where exactly am I hitting?’ or ‘Where is this stabbing?’, like, ‘What organ is this piercing?’ or ‘What tendon is this taking out?’ For me, I need to know what it was doing in order to feel connected to it."

Jessica hopes her female fans will be able to see a bit of themselves in Parker, her on-screen character.

The actress said: "I think any woman or man who feels like there are these like bigger powers that control everything and can get away with doing bad stuff, being able to have a hero and just knowing how capable we are and if everyone sort of works as team, you can fight this negative energy or this darkness.

"So, I think that’s kind of the metaphor here is good people can win in the end."

Jessica stepped down from her role as the chief creative officer of Honest Company, her beauty and baby brand, in order to refocus on her acting career.

Speaking about her return to the movie business, Jessica previously told Us Weekly: "It’s been 12 years, so I think it’s time to get back into entertainment and also think about what else I want to create or do.

"I have a movie actually coming out June 21st for Netflix called 'Trigger Warning'. It’s an action movie and I executive produced it. So, I’m excited."