Jiminy Glick Falls on Melissa McCarthy, Makes Out With Nick Kroll in Unhinged, Insult-Filled Interview | Video

Martin Short went full Jiminy Glick during his last night as guest host for “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Naturally, the move led to his most unhinged series of interviews yet.

This past week, the “Only Murders in the Building” comedian repeatedly appeared as his buffoonish, narcissistic and ignorant alter ego — clueless celebrity reporter Jiminy Glick — as he filled in for Jimmy Kimmel. Notably, the fictional reporter interviewed Sean Hayes and Bill Hader earlier this week. But Thursday’s episode saw Melissa McCarthy and Nick Kroll receive the complete Jiminy treatment in an hour entirely hosted by the character.

McCarthy was Glick’s first victim. Before she even made it to her seat, Glick repeatedly tried to kiss her, to the actor’s clear disgust. After alluding to having sex with McCarthy, Glick asked her, “Let’s hear your version of what you think happened, missy?”

“I think I was new to town. I think I needed a good review. I think I made some bad choices — I’m not proud of it,” McCarthy replied.

“It was 1 in the morning when you came a-knockin,” Glick said.

“I thought you needed clean towels,” McCarthy responded.

“Afterwards, I did,” Glick shot back.

McCarthy kept Glick’s pace the whole interview, matching his highly offensive and insulting jokes with her own while rarely breaking into laughter. Throughout the conversation, she said, “I can almost smell the lawsuit,” called him “very attackable” and noted his penis was “inverted.” But the two really showed off their improvisational chops when Short accidentally fell off his chair. When McCarthy tried to help him up, Glick immediately crawled on top of her.

“Finished!” Glick yelled, to which McCarthy quipped, “A lot longer than last time.”

However, Glick got his own dose of unwanted sexual attention when Kroll took the stage. As the “Big Mouth” star walked out to greet Glick, he grabbed Glick by the neck and kissed him repeatedly. Kroll then hugged McCarthy and took her place on the couch closer to Glick.

“This is what you call a proud, bi gentleman!” Glick said.

Throughout his interview with Kroll, Glick said that animation was the comedian’s “friend” because “Hollywood feels it can hire him if it doesn’t have to look at him” and also called him an “older Jewish Olivia Rodrigo.” All three of them then took turns shoving doughnuts into their mouths, and Glick threw multiple handfuls of gumdrops at Kroll.

The interview eventually ended with Kroll trying to help Glick off the floor and somehow rolling onto his chair while knocking over a table. Watch the full madness above.

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